Bobbleroos: Toddler Pillow and Blanket Review & Giveaway

Do you notice that as your infant gets older and is now promoted to the toddler title that an empty crib sans pillow for their precious head just seems so uncomfortable?!  Honey and I noticed that Kiggster slept better with a pillow rather than on a crib mattress alone an she seemed to have a liking for Honey's pillow especially.  But she was so tiny looking against those extra fluffy adult pillows!  So we decided to search for a small pillow and little did we know but there are such things as toddler pillows!  Bobbleroos not only carries toddler pillows and blankets but also allows for a personalization option making them extra special for your little one.  My daughter has loved taking them everywhere she goes and using it all the time. 

The toddler pillows are 12"x16" and approximately 3" high which is a significant difference from the adult pillows we have.  As you can see, our pillows are not only big for size but really high and either too firm or too fluffy.  Looking for pillows in our house that was right for Kiggster reminded me a little of Goldilocks trying out Papa, Mama, and Baby bear's stuff and attempting to get the perfect fit for her.  Well, the toddler pillow was just the right size for her!  There are also Youth Pillows available in the 16"x20" size but felt the Toddler Pillow was more suitable for Kiggster at her current age.  

I had fun looking through all the Girls, Boys, and Gender Neutral prints available for the pillowcases and even the different fabric choices.  Their toddler pillowcases come in a variety of fabric choices which are made out of 100% cotton flannel, 320 thread count, percale cottons, or satin pillowcases.  Kiggster sweats a lot in her head when she's asleep so the cotton flannel seemed too warm of a fabric choice for her so I decided we would either get the percale or satin fabric for their lighter weight.  I was told that Percale is lighter weight than the cotton flannel but the satin is much smoother texture so would be great for kids that get lots of knots in their hair while sleeping.  There was a lot more prints and color choices in the percale than in the satin so I opted to get the pillow case in the Percale Under The Sea fabric.  We were also given the option to have Kiggster's name embroidered on the pillowcase and of course we loved that idea since it's never easy for us to find her name already engraved/embroidered on items!  The pillowcase has an opening at the end but it also has a flap that you pull over the pillow, so that when you look at the open end, you don't see the white pillow but see the cute fabric instead.  We were also sent the pillow protector, which fits the pillow insert like a glove and zips closed at one end.  I love that it has the zipper closure and can easily be removed and washed.  The pillow protector is great for kids with allergies but is also great to have on all pillows since it makes washing very easy, without having to worry about washing the pillow insert!

Then there's the blanket, which you can purchase as a matching set to the blanket.  However, since the percale pillowcase we got was a lighter fabric, I wanted something heavier and warmer for our San Francisco weather.  Therefore, I got the Animals/Teal cotton flannel fabric with Kiggster's name embroidered at the corner.  The blanket is a single layer of fabric so the underside of the fabric shows the white background with some of the color from the main fabric side showing through.  The ends are sewn and has rounded corners but if a family is looking for a heavy blanket, this might be a little thin.  I fold it up to double/triple the layers up and use it for our walks around the neighborhood.  The blanket measure 36"x44" and is a great size for what we use it for. Kiggster has actually grown very fond of this blanket and the couple times we didn't take it on a walk, she's asked for it!  If you are looking for a blanket that is thicker or warmer, Bobbleroos also offers the option to have the blankets double sided.  There are also 60"x44" toddler blankets, which are great for naptimes at daycares and preschools!  As you can tell below, she likes to put her stuffed animals to bed with her pillow and blanket!

Both the Pillowcase and Blanket are embroidered with Kiggster's name in the Whimsy font, which I really liked how it turned out!

Want to know how you can win a set for yourself?  Bobbleroos has generously offered Kangaroo Mama fans a chance to win their very own set of toddler pillow insert, pillowcase (embroidered), pillow protector, and blanket (embroidered)!  The giveaway will be going live on Wednesday, October 10th and will end on October 24th as part of the Travelin' With Baby Event Giveaway prize package.  Can't wait for the giveaway and want to buy them now?!  Bobbleroos' toddler pillows and blankets can be purchased directly on their website here.  The Toddler Pillows are $17.50 each which includes the pillow insert and cover.  If you want the pillow cover personalized, it is an extra $6.95 for up to 13 characters.  The Pillow Protector is $6.95 for the toddler size and the baby blanket is starting at $11.50 and extra for personalization.  

Don't forget to come back and enter the Travelin' With Baby Giveaway Hop and win some amazing prizes from Kangaroo Mama-over $120 worth!

Kangaroo Mama was provided product for free from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. Fulfillment and shipping of the prize is the responsibility of the sponsor company and not Kangaroo Mama.



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  1. I like the Blanket and Toddler Pillow in Zoology print.

  2. Michelle F. says:

    I love all the cute prints at BobbleRoos.

  3. we used to make them for new born in need for  the baby tocome home with
    and they are great for little one who are in the shoptaal

  4. I like the lavender swirls fabric!

  5. Diane Sallans says:

    These are great & I love that they can be personalized!  Great idea for Birthday & Christmas gifts.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  6. Bobbleroos the sheets held up well after washing and  it does not slip off the mattress.

  7. I would love one with the ? Noah's Ark – safari animals in a boat not sure what it is called or I love the hearts!
    Gladys P
    momtograndma at yahoo dot com

  8. Jennifer Johansen says:

    I like the navy sateen fabric.

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