Bookworm Jr.

Yep, that says Beginner’s Bible for Toddlers!

So the other day Honey was sitting and having his time with God reading his bible and holding Kiggy at the same time.  She decides that she would like to participate and starts turning the pages in his bible.  You know, the really thin pages on the bible.  So I remembered that we had a Toddler’s bible for her…with thicker paper on that bible and lots of color and pictures too!  We brought that out for her and she immersed herself in some great bible stories. 

She totally looked like she was reading, looking at the pictures, and she was definitely turning the pages.  It was way too cute.  Now she likes to turn the pages when we do story time together for her other favorites like Dr. Seuss books! She gets really quiet and attentive when she’s being read to.  I think she’s already taking after Daddy in that regards.  I stopped enjoying reading once schools started assigning required reading around Freshman year in High School.  You can still catch my Honey going to the library as a pastime, just to see what books interest him!  I hope she loves reading like him, I wish I could like it again!  Well, I guess I could, I’ll start small and read Dr. Seuss books to the Kiggster for now!



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