Bottle Buddies

My honey sent me a picture today of the Kiggster and it’s amazing, she’s holding her own bottle!  I’ve never actually seen her drink from a bottle before since she never takes one from me.  It’s pretty cool that my first time seeing her with a bottle is a picture of her holding up her own bottle.  She looks totally adorable!  Yes she does!  Come check it out…

You think she’s ready for a sippy cup yet?!  Growing up too fast, WAY too fast! 

So I still need to post up pictures from last week, but I’m behind, thanks a lot to that thing called a J-O-B!  Maybe tonight, I know I said that yesterday, but I’ll try really hard tonight to post them.



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  1. Michelle F. says:

    So cute! I just took a picture of my baby holding her own bottle too. I can't believe how fast they grow.

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