Bows, Flowers, & Pins-Oh My!

So I shared a picture on Monday of the First Frost flower that I made but didn’t really show Kiggster wearing it.  So I will do that here! By the way, the voting for that hair accessories challenge has started and will end Tuesday morning at like 8am PST.  Please go to Birdsong Bows to vote for my flower (I’m the one listed as Kathy’s Bow).  We’ve been making quite a few presents lately for BFF birthdays and so we’ve been practicing quite a bit!

Here’s her First Frost flower (made from the Birdsong Bows Camellia flower tutorial)…


This flower wasn’t super hard to make, which was good, but it was super time consuming.  I had to cut each petal, then sew each one, then glue each one…it just took more time than I anticipated.  Actually, if I would have read the directions carefully first, I probably would have figured that out, but I’m not very good with reading directions and I “skim” things a lot and start projects…then wonder why things don’t turn out as planned!  But this flower still turned out pretty nicely and it helped that the pretty fabric was on sale at Beverly’s for 50% off!   Not sure you can tell but it’s actually a shimmery fabric in blue and silver!



Oh my baby model and her cute, pouty lips!  You can never say no to this face!

Ok, didn’t put this on my baby model this time because this gift was for an adult for a change and I put the flower on a pin instead.  It was a total experiment, how do you think it turned out?!  The top “flower” was made from a Yo-Yo maker-already got my money’s worth from it!

Back to my baby model!  This was a hair bow for one of her BFF, Jenda’s 2nd bday!  It was my first hair bow and I think it turned out better than expected.  But those bows are a lot harder to make than I thought and I must say, I’m not sure I’m getting the hang of them well!  I had to remake that bow several times before it turned out like the picture above and it still isn’t like the photos in the tutorial (Birdsong Bows tutorial for Boutique Bows)!


This was the small size bow and it still looks quite big on her head!  I can’t imagine how the large boutique bows would look!  Do kids actually have heads that big?!  Ok, don’t answer that ’cause I think any answer to that would be mean.  I know the sticker says 11 months but I’ve been so behind on posting that she’s gonna be 12 months next Sunday already.  So Honey calls her sleeveless shirts “pit ventilators” and I guess for good reason…

Oh, what a sexy name for the shirt!  I asked him if we should put a short sleeve on her or long and he said, no put on a pit ventilator, she gets so hot at night!  Huh?!  What’s that?! So he brought this shirt over!  Then she likes to pose like that lately and it just makes the name even funnier!

Well, with that, I leave you with our smiling baby!!!



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