Bubble, Bubble

So I was trying the whole write your blog postings ahead of time so you are always at least 1 posting ahead.  Well, as you can tell, that hasn’t worked out quite as well for me!  I wrote one but ended up accidentally pressing the wrong button and publishing it on Saturday already.  I know I’m SMRT like that!

Well, I guess I’ll just have to start from scratch again and see if I can catch up since I haven’t pasted these past couple days.  I don’t know how other families do it but I’m exhausted.  Kiggster and I were both sick and she’s recovering but then Honey got really sick.  Ok, not funny but kinda funny.  Remember how I told you guys we thought Kiggster had hand foot mouth disease?!  Well, it’s supposed to be only affecting infants through preschool age and we think Honey got it!  I always knew he looked young but man, maybe he’s younger than I really think!  Poor thing has been out with fever, canker sores all over his mouth, no appetite (actually with appetite but can’t eat because of the sores), fatigue, irritability (from  being hungry and tired), and still being an awesome and attentive Dad and hard-working student!  I’m exhausted from my stressful job, trying to take care of Kiggster and Honey while they’re sick and recovering, thinking about designs for Christmas gifts, planning Thanksgiving dinner recipes, trying to keep up on my blog, and somehow have friends and family time too!  How do families with multiple kids do it?!  This is crazy!  I can’t even think about a second baby right now when I’m just barely squeaking by with Kiggster.  I think we’re doing the best we can but it definitely hasn’t been very easy-not that I ever expected it to be easy, but a part of me might have hoped that I would get “lucky.”

So time for Random Wednesday!  I did mention in the past that Kiggster loves bubbles right?!  Whether it’s bubbles in her bath or people blowing bubbles.  She’s absolutely fascinated with them!  At church, some of the volunteers in the babies’ class bought a bubble “machine” for the kids.  The first one that someone bought was actually a bubble train whistle except someone had to manually dip and blow the bubbles and the problem with that is, whoever is blowing the bubbles can’t blow them fast enough for the kids and they get quite impatient!  Also, it’s quite a workout blowing bubbles continuously for almost an hour and the kids also don’t seem to get tired of them, they want it before class, during song time, during snack time, during diaper time…every time!  Then the most recent bubble machine is still manual but not someone manually blowing them but turning this bubble spinner.  Bubbles come much faster and easier and the kids love it!

Waiting anxiously for bubbles!
ooooh bubbles…
Bubbles here…
Bubbles there…
Bubbles everywhere!
Mine, mine, mine!
Hehe, all mine!

She still is very amused by bubbles every time she sees some.  I think I wanna get this for her…

A Bubble Gun!!!

Look what I got an email from…

My dream blender is $70 off from Costco!  So it is now on sale for $370!  That wasn’t a typo, it’s close to $400 for the blender but it can blend ANYTHING!  I’m so sick of all the blenders that I’ve been through already but still haven’t bitten the bullet to buy this blender, it’s been about 3 years now since I saw one of their demos at Costco.  This one is definitely high on the Christmas wishlist, right after my camera (hint hint*wink wink)!  Ok, back to real life now…

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