Butt Scoot-Stomp

So my time-sucker job has been super crazy so no photos today but there will be a later posting of the video that’s related to this.  Honey came by to pick me up from work with the Kiggster because they took the car in today…long story about getting a fix-it tix for DMV not sending us our new stickers in time for the license plate & so he took the car in to show we “fixed” it.  Well, they came up to my work at around 4:30pm and I was cleaning up from pumping  but let them into the room with me instead.  I always have my computer in the room so I can do work and so I fed Kiggster while finishing up some work.  Afterwards when we were heading back to my desk with them to do even more work, I was afraid that people would say something about Honey & Kiggster being at my work but NO ONE was left in the office!  Apparently when Honey went out to get water around 4:45pm, there was already no one left!  So they stayed in my cube with me while I finished work.

Honey let her sit on top of my desk and play, which she did.  She found a ruler, calculator, and her favorite of them all…a highlighter!  I was so bummed we didn’t have camera with us but she was super duper cute at the office!  If only Honey and Kiggster were my real office mates, life would be blissful!  Normally when she holds stuff, she’ll always end up letting it go shortly, but not this highlighter!  Maybe ’cause Daddy used his Jedi mind-tricks on her-he told her it was a light saber, her high-lightsaber!  Then to get to more interesting stuff on my desk…like my laptop, she was in the almost Indian-style sitting position and started scooting forward.  However, it was a no hands, butt stomp while scooting forward, that’s why Honey’s lovingly named it the butt scoot-stomp.  You could really tell in my cube since the desk is attached to the cubicle walls so every time she scooted and stomped, the cubicle walls would shake and the things on the desk started rattling.  She was moving so fast too!  It was super duper cute.  Almost an hour later, we finally went home, only to realize when we got up to the house that she never let go of the highlighter since Daddy gave it to her!  So she high-jacked office supplies…shhhh don’t tell!  Our little Jedi in training.

I tried to see if she would do the butt scoot-stomp at home on top of our dining table but she just knew the camera was on and wasn’t really doing it.  It took 3 videos before we finally caught a glimpse of it on video.  Definitely wasn’t the same effect as in the office!  Maybe one day soon again when no one else is in the office, they can come back to visit me…hopefully she’ll still be doing this cute butt scoot-stomp!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend and I will be sure to update with the video when I’m not so tired!  Good Night All!


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