Candy-Free Easter Basket

Candy-Free Easter Basket

I am tired of how every holiday seems to be surrounded by candy, especially candy geared towards our little ones.  I am trying hard to not inundate Kiggster with candy or chocolates at every holiday season and do my best to still make them fun and festive for her, as candy-free as possible.  Easter was not going to be an exception so I decided to put together a candy-free Easter basket for her.  I not only wanted to make sure that the basket wascute but also super inexpensive.   I hit up dollar stores, the $1 section in Target, and even Safeway's Easter section while they had a sale and I have to say, I did pretty good.  So good, in fact, everything I got didn't fit inside that little basket I got for Kiggster.  There is a wind up chick and bunny, mini kites, Easter themed stickers, little purse, jewelry inside carrot shaped "eggs," temporary tattoos inside of cute little eggs, flower headband, butterfly headband, bunny ears, bunny ear sunglasses, a chick that cheeps onyour palm, farm animal grow capsules, ladybug magnifying glasses…and I think that might be it!  Oh wait, I also got her a carrot shaped golf stick and ball and a carrot shaped baseball bat and ball, which I am well aware won't fit inside any basket, but they were $1 each and I couldn't resist!  So I fit what i could in the basket and I put the rest of the items that didn't fit on the table that I'm presenting her basket on!  I also had a hard time finding some good ideas for teaching Easter to a toddler or including something like that in the Easter basket.  Anyone have any ideas?  All the "religious" Easter items I found at the store were really cheesy…

I can't wait to see her reaction but below are two of my favorite items in her basket, the cheeping chick and bunny-face sunglasses!  

Easter Basket Items

Happy Easter!


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