Carrot-Shaped Calzone Recipe & Night Time Egg Hunting


Carrot-Shaped Calzones

We had a fun pre-Easter party on Friday and had our very first night time egg hunt!  It was a potluck and when I asked Honey what Easter themed dish I should bring, he said, "Rabbit!"  Um…no thanks Honey!  I definitely don't want to be remembered as the rabbit killer so the next best thing were Carrot-Shaped Calzones!  I found my inspiration on Pinterest and used this recipe from Inspired By Familia but I changed a couple things around. 


  • Pillsbury Pizza Dough
  • Sausage Meat
  • Spinach
  • Bag of Shredded Broccoli & Carrots
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Mexican Cheese Blend
  • Stalks of Parsley for Decoration
  • Italian Seasoning

Basically I followed the instructions from Inspired By Familia except mine didn't quite come out quite as pretty looking!  I think mine turned out more rounded because I used bulkier ingredients like sausage instead of pepperoni.  I did nix the orange dye so that I could avoid having too much food coloring in our diets, plus I didn't have time to research some natural dyes.  I did use an egg wash and added turmeric and paprika to the mix and brushed it over the calzones and it still turned out pretty nice, not a bright orange but I was happy with it.  Everyone thought it tasted pretty good too, though the next time I make this again, I would like a dough that's not as dense, possibly even a more flaky croissant-like dough!  So what do you think, do they kinda look like carrots?! 


So I had brought this to our night time egg hunt and it was so much fun.  Of course, I loaded Kiggster up with tons of glow sticks and even found this cute glow-in-the-dark bunny glow mask.  What can I say, it was only $1 from Dollar Tree!  I was surprised but she was even willing to share it with all her buddies so everyone had a turn wearing it that night!  Kiggster had so much fun with her glow sticks, glow bracelets and I even decorated her basket with glow sticks so she could tell it apart in the dark! Though a lot of pictures came out blurry because I couldn't get my camera settings right to catch the glow sticks but at least you can still tell Kiggster had a lot of fun! I can't wait to do this again and maybe doing more glow stick inspired activities!  Any ideas?!

Night Time Egg Hunt



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