366 Project: Week 19 & 20

Ok, this is just horrible, I can't believe I'm even trying to catch up at this point but I am!  This is Week 19 & 20 back in May and now it's August already! I have the pictures...may not have the captions down as well as if they were done 2 months ago but I'm going to try.   If you haven't checked out Week 18's photos or want a refresher, you can see them here! Week 19: May 6-12 Day 127 (May 6):               On this day, we actually went to a park first then to the beach...yes our favorite Half Moon Bay spot!  Don't laugh but that is very normal and acceptable beach wear here in the Bay Area: hooded sweatshirt, long pants, and layers!  She's very serious when she plays at the beach, scooping the sand, pouring and sprinkling it all over Honey and I.  It's quite a big job for a small little thing like her!  Day 128 (May … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 18

Wow, I totally know this is coming like way late...over a month later but I am trying to catch up.  Thanks for being patient with me during this time.  If you don't know what's been happening, you can read my postings, How Does One Find Hope In A Hopeless Situation and New Beginnings: Light At The End Of The Tunnel, to see what's going on for us right now. If you haven't had a chance to catch up on Week 17, you can check out the photos here! Week 18: April 29-May 5 Day 120 (April 29): So it was a surprisingly nice day on this day, especially surprising for my parents' neck of the woods.  Their neighborhood is usually foggy, windy and cold but this day, it was actually sunny outside.  Kiggster got to go outside and play for the first time in their backyard!  She also got to play with the fishes there.  Ok, feed them is more like it.  She fed them one pellet at a time.  My parents have about 10 koi fishes that probably … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 17

In case you haven't checked out my 366 Project pictures from Week 16, you can see those photos here! Week 17: April 22-28 Day 113 (April 22): I came home from work on Friday of that week and Kiggster had brought almost all her books out from her bookshelf to the living room.  Then she started putting some of them into her little shopping cart (yup, same one she likes to sit inside of)!  So for several days, she just enjoyed pushing around her shopping cart full of books and whenever she wanted to read something, she would select it from her "Traveling Library!"  I love her ever changing and cute ideas! Day 114 (April 23): Honey and I ended up stopping at this garage sale the day before and saw some wooden toy puzzles and wooden dollhouse furniture and bought them for Kiggster.  It's hard to find wooden dollhouse furniture so even though she doesn't have a doll house yet, we bought it for her anyways so that we're not searching … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 16

I know, I'm still a week behind in post my 366 project updates but in case you're also behind in seeing the pictures, you can see Week 15's photos here! Week 16: April 15-21 Day 106 (April 15): Isn't she so stinkin' cute with her little bunny-ears, monster-claws slippers?!  She absolutely loved them after I took them out of the shopping bag for her and she immediately wanted Honey and I to put it on for her!  It's meant for kids 18months up to 3 years so the slipper is still a little big for her but oh well, she loves it right?!  I love when I get to see her excited about something, even house slippers!   Day 107 (April 16): So Honey and I were cooking in the kitchen and Kiggster wanted to help, as usual!  My sister bought us matching Mama/Kiggster aprons from France and here is Kiggster modeling her cute little apron!  She even had a whisk to top off the look that she was trying to stuff in her little pocket!  I … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 15

I did mention last week that I was in a constant state of "behind" right with posting my 366 project weekly updates?!  So here we are with Week 15 but a week late again so if you want to catch up on Week 14's pictures, you can view them here!   Week 15: April 8-14 Day 99 (April 8): It was Easter today!  We went to church and she got to take some photos with the Easter bunny...we're still waiting for those photos from our friend.  This was her dancing in the living room in her cute little Easter dress before church, she was enjoying swaying around in her dress!  She actually really likes to dance but is selective about what she dances to.  She doesn't dance to every song being played but only certain ones.  I will have to start paying more attention to what type of music she dances more to!  She has this sneaky little smile on her face too-so cute!  Actually she always has this crooked, side smile but I don't … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 14

  If you've not had a chance to look at the Week 13 photos, you can see them here!  I think I'm caught up now right?!  Now I just need to make sure I post Week 15 soon so I don't fall behind again, though I think I'll be in a constant state of "behind!" Week 14: April 1-7 Day 92 (April 1): It was April Fool's Day today, did anyone play any mean or funny pranks on anyone?!  I couldn't think of any and didn't even have time to execute any even if I had some ideas. Well, I did think about doing mashed potatoes and gravy that looked like an ice cream sundae (it's been on the prank list for about 2 years now) but didn't have any of the ingredients or time to execute it!  Next year!  But besides April Fool's day, it was also my grandmother's 89th birthday!  So there was a big birthday bash for her that night to celebrate...probably 60+ people there, should have been 89 right?!  Kiggster … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 13

If you've not had a chance to look at the Week 12 photos, you can see them here!  Yes, I know, I'm still behind on my 366 Project updates but I'm slowly catching up.  Week 14 will be coming shortly! Week 13: March 25-31 Day 85 & 86 (March 25 & 26): Not sure where my photos went for this day but it seems the camera ate it again!  So this picture is technically not from these two days but from Day 84.  We caved in and bought her this trike that Honey and I have been wanting to get her for awhile now.  Since July of last year when Kiggster was at her cousins' house and they had a trike that she fell in love with!  We love it and so does she!  We got her the extra bike bell and she has since learned how to ring it...she thinks it's hilarious!  She also, while in her trike, likes to ring the bell and say, "beep beep!"  This is the first day we put the bike together and only took her for a spin around the … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 12

If you haven't already had a chance to catch up on Week 11's photos, you can see them here!   I am sorry this is Week 12 update is coming so late but hopefully better late than never right?!  I was so busy trying to post for my Housewarming Party celebration (which you can still enter 4 of the giveaways for some awesome prizes, go to my Giveaway page here and you'll see the latest giveaways I have going on)!  There's been a lot going on in our house lately that has been pulling my attention in a million directions and requires a million decisions also.  I will have to update you all soon but life has been a little hectic to say the least but thanks for being patient! Week 12: March 18-24 Day 78 (March 18): This was our last day in SoCal (I know, I'm that behind on posting) and here Bubs and Kiggster are sharing a tiny bowl of dry cereal together.  They both miss each other so much.  Oh my little future son-in-law!  I … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 11

If you haven't already seen the post for Week 10's pictures, you can check them out here! Week 11: March 11-17 Day 71 (March 11): We were at church this morning (ok every Sunday morning) and we were in a new location that didn't accommodate all the kids so some of the older boys were hanging out in the sidelines of church.  We kept Kiggster out of her class because she had a little cough so we played it safe and didn't want her to get others sick.  Well, lets just say Kiggster had a good time chillin' out with the boys!  She totally loves hanging out with the boys.  She was ok for a little bit with the books and snacks that we brought for her but then as the boys huddle together with all their PSPs, she decided that was much more exciting.  What was really cute was that they totally let her chill with them and let her sit next to them as they compared their PSPs and watched each other play.  One of the boys even took the trash she was holding in her hand and helped her throw it … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 10

If you haven't had a chance to catch up on Week 9's photos, you can check them out here! Week 10: March 4-10 Day 64 (March 4): We took a walk at the park near our house before church this day and she got to see some squirrels running around before falling asleep.  Everytime she's gotten into her stroller, she enjoys kicking up both her feet onto the railings and just chillin' out!  Today though, she thought she'd just pick her nose!  No just kidding, she was pointing to her nose but for some reason, in order for her to point to her nose, she likes to take her finger and find the opening to her nose and point there!  Remember how I mentioned that she likes hearing me say nose in Cantonese?!  Well, that was us playing the nose game! Day 65 (March 5): Breakfasts together are always fun and this is one of those fun mornings!  She loves flinging her oatmeal sometimes but she also loves learning how to use her spoon and fork and just misses her mouth a lot of times!  She was … [Read more...]

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