Miyah Image Consulting: MIYAH Earrings Review/Giveaway

Welcome to Day 5 of Kangaroo Mama's Housewarming Party Giveaway Week...AND IT'S MY 30TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! It's my party, I can sing if I want to, sing if I want to!  Yup, you've just arrived at my Housewarming Party Giveaway Week and today's giveaway is also in honor of my big birthday!  I thought I'd make today's giveaway a fun special item.  Ok, they're all special but this one isn't for our blog, our kids, or even our hobbies but just for us to enjoy! A friend of mine, Mia Gonzalez owns the company Miyah Image Consulting.  She's an amazing image consultant and fashion stylist, who I have seen do some amazing things with women that I know!  I have not personally used her image consulting services but because I personally know the women that have used her services, I feel confident in offering her items and recommending her on this blog!  Here's a quote from Mia: My mission with MIYAH is to help … [Read more...]

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