Happy 2nd Birthday Kiggster, Plus Read About Our Birth Story Too!

OMG, our little baby is 2 today!  Where has the time gone and what happened to my 6lb 1.5oz baby?!  Kiggster has grown so much and I love seeing all the new things she's been doing and saying.  Honey and I could not be more amazed with our wonderful little sweetheart!  I promise to share her milestone updates with you since the last one I did was like back in May...let me tell you, she has grown A LOT since then! Below is a picture from her birthday party on Sunday and more will be coming shortly!  Thanks to all our family and friends that celebrated that special day with us and helping us to build such amazing memories!  Kiggster is lucky to have you all in her life and so are we, thank you for all of you supporting and loving us so much through every step of this journey! I also thought it would be a good time to look over Kiggster's birth story and our journey of her coming into our lives.  I love looking at our photo book and reflecting … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Mama’s Birth Story Featured on It’s Jeanette

I forgot to share this when it first was published but never too late right?! It's Jeanette featured a short snippet of Kangaroo Mama's birth story on her blog along with the stories from a couple other moms.  It was a lot of fun being able to write about my birth story again and reminiscing on that day 18 months ago!  I have to say, I had a great experience and wouldn't trade it in or change it in any way!  Below is what I shared with It's Jeannette's readers but you can read everyone's stories here! This was Honey and I slow dancing together (read below) Kathy from www.KangarooMama.com Had a unique birthing experience, med free! Read on: I had a great birthing experience when I had my daughter 18 months ago and that's saying a lot because after we found out I was pregnant, I was freaked out about the birth, the pain, the labor, and the pain relieving options!  I couldn't even stand … [Read more...]

Pregnant Mama’s Guide to Peace & Preparation Part 1

So I mentioned in some earlier postings that I needed lots of stuff during my pregnancy.  But I must say, there are some things that are necessary-some may argue with that but hey, they were for me and that's what matters!  We talked about maternity photos already, you already know that, and we talked about hospital delivery gowns so you're probably thinking, what else could be necessary?!  Well, there are still a few!Let's talk sleep...people kept telling me, get all the sleep you can before the baby comes 'cause after that you won't get any.  Uh, the advice should have been get all the sleep you can before you get pregnant because after that you won't get any!  I had people telling me not to sleep on my right now or my back because that would cut off an arterie and hurt the baby and then sleeping on my tummy-never liked that pre-pregnancy and definitely didn't during!  So that left me with sleeping on my left side only, except everytime I woke up, I was … [Read more...]

Hospital Provided vs Special Delivery Gowns

I did say that this blog besides being about Rayne would be to post reviews on things during pregnancy/motherhood to help other moms out there know from a mom's perspective how things worked  or didn't & other helpful tidbits.  So here's my first review: So another of my "wants/needs" during pregnancy was to wear my own hospital delivery gown during the labor & delivery.  I know there are mixed feelings about these out there but like I've said before, everyone is different and there's no one size fits all for anything.  For some mamas, they don't want or care to spend the money on a new delivery gown if it's gonna get dirty and be tossed after several hours or a 1 day event.  I guess that's how some brides feel about wedding dresses too.  While there are others of us (me definitely included in this category) that would love a new wedding dress that screams us or a hospital delivery gown that doesn't make me feel or look like I just gave birth, even if I did!  I had a lot of … [Read more...]

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