Always Have Hope + Free Printables

Sometimes it's hard to believe that things will turn out on the upside when a lot of things seem to be looking down. Things have not been a walk in the park for our family in the last couple years whether it was health, jobs, or finances.  However, looking in hindsight at them, good has come out of all of those situations.  Whether it was Honey losing his job but during that time, he got to be there for Kiggster and I when I went to all my ultrasounds (yup, had one almost every month), then he got to spend Kiggster's whole 1st year with her and finally, that lead him to make the jump into getting his Master's degree!  Financially things have also not been super easy for us but we also made some decisions financially that would seem crazy to some but made the most sense to our family.  We decided to become a one-income family, especially since things weren't looking good with my last company.  However, that also meant we could no longer afford to … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Mama Blog Update

In case you haven't seen it, i have added a couple new pages to my blog!  When I make updates to my Holiday Photo Contest and Holiday Guide, you will be able to see them when you click on the header tabs.  So for information regarding the Holiday Photo Contest, you can go here or for the Holiday Guide go here!   The other tab that i added to the header is called "Featured On" and it will list all the places where Kangaroo Mama was featured on!  That includes interviews, magazine features, and my most recent is being on a TV segment for a local show called WomenNow.  You can watch the segment and see all the other places I've been featured on here! As always, thank you to all of you for your support!   … [Read more...]

Design By Miranda: Custom Logo Design Giveaway

Welcome to Day 4 of Kangaroo Mama's Housewarming Party Giveaway Week! So you've all heard me rave about my web designer, Design By Miranda, in these past couple months and how awesome she's been to work with and then how much I LOOOOOVE my new blog design and logo!  She has graciously offered to give one lucky Kangaroo Mama fan a free custom logo design! Miranda was super responsive, took the time to answer my questions and went above and beyond to make sure I understood my decisions and choices when choosing my design/features.  Not sure how much I need to really say since I think my blog, logo and blog button speaks for itself!  Here's a few words from Miranda: Design By Miranda offers affordably beautiful WordPress blog design services. Because I am a blogger myself, I understand the budget restraints and do all I can to ensure low rates without sacrificing quality. That's definitely true and I … [Read more...]

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