Visitacion Valley Grocery Outlet & 2 $25 Gift Card Giveaway-Ends 5/20

This past Saturday, May 3rd was the grand opening of a much needed grocery store in the Visitacion Valley area.  Grocery Outlet on Bayshore Boulevard opened its doors to the neighborhood with some great festivities.  They gave a pallet of food worth $1000 to the Visitacion Valley Strong Families, offered free coffee, free eco-frugal reusable bags for the first 500 customers, games, prizes, free face painting for the kids, and more! This area has been missing a good grocery store for quite some time.  My grandparents, who have lived in the neighborhood for 4 decades, used to take the bus to Chinatown for all their grocery needs because they couldn't find it close to home.  However, with their age now, they aren't able to take the bus and carry all their groceries back home anymore, therefore Grocery Outlet being blocks away from their house, is something very needed!   When I lived in Visitacion Valley, I would have to drive to all the surrounding neighborhoods to get everything I … [Read more...]

Candy-Free Easter Basket

I am tired of how every holiday seems to be surrounded by candy, especially candy geared towards our little ones.  I am trying hard to not inundate Kiggster with candy or chocolates at every holiday season and do my best to still make them fun and festive for her, as candy-free as possible.  Easter was not going to be an exception so I decided to put together a candy-free Easter basket for her.  I not only wanted to make sure that the basket wascute but also super inexpensive.   I hit up dollar stores, the $1 section in Target, and even Safeway's Easter section while they had a sale and I have to say, I did pretty good.  So good, in fact, everything I got didn't fit inside that little basket I got for Kiggster.  There is a wind up chick and bunny, mini kites, Easter themed stickers, little purse, jewelry inside carrot shaped "eggs," temporary tattoos inside of cute little eggs, flower headband, butterfly headband, bunny ears, bunny ear … [Read more...]

San Mateo’s Largest Children & Maternity Consignment Sale-March 6-9th

Last year September, I posted about Just Between Friend's (JBF) Fall sale and I scored so many wonderful things from it!  JBF has 2 sales a year, a spring and a fall sale, this year's spring sale will be starting March 6th-9th.  Why try to drive around town looking for good garage sales with no guarantee they will have good quality children's items for sale.  Why not just head to JBF and know there will be tons of good quality children's clothes, toys, furniture, books, and even maternity items.  When I was at the last sale, there were items from newborn through size 14 in kids for both genders!  There was so much to buy and tons of things that I wish I had waited until the JBF sale to buy!  The exact same potty bench that I had for Kiggster at home and spent some pretty pennies on was on sale for less than half what I paid for and it was in excellent condition.  I got a lot of new (yup, even new stuff) items for Kiggster like an … [Read more...]

Miessence Certified Organic Company: Huge 40% Off Promotion-Ends 2/17

If you all remember, I previously shared with you about Miessence and their wonderful products.  I posted reviews about their Nourishing Hand Cream, Sunflower Body Wash, and their DeepGreens SuperFoods.  It's no secret that I love Miessence's certified organic products and it's been used everywhere in our lives, whether it's their toothpaste, body wash, lotion, to even their nutritional superfoods and none of them have disappointed!  So of course, when they have an amazing promotion, you know I'm going to be the first in line to take advantage of it and I wouldn't want you to miss out either.  Below are a few words from my very own Miessence Representative, Claudia on why she loves the products and how you can take advantage of the 40% off promotion!   Tired of being sick? Concerned about whether you and your family are getting enough vegetables and fruits on a daily basis?  I totally understand! I'm a mother of two young … [Read more...]

Fundraising For Anti-Bullying Campaigns: Slap Dash Things Jewelry By a 10 Year Old!

  I was recently introduced to a shop called Slap Dash Things that was started by an 11 year-old girl with the help of her mom and I was definitely touched by the inspiration behind her starting her fundraising efforts.  Jenelle understands first hand about being bullied and instead of retreating, she has taken action to fundraise money for anti-bullying efforts!  I wish I had the courage to do something like this when I was growing up but instead I allowed depression and insecurities take over me.  I remember middle school years being the worst years for me, where the verbal bullying was so bad that all I wanted to ever do was stay home and avoid school.  I remember it happening during class one time and the teacher heard so she asked the 3 boys to formulate an apology.  When it was time for their apology, they all stood up in front of class and sang a song...making fun of me and calling me names instead.  So the teacher didn't know what to do … [Read more...]

Miessence 10 Year Anniversary Special: Discounts & Free Product Offers

Do you care about what you put into your body or what you bring into your home?!  When stores are inundating us with products filled with harsh chemicals, it's hard to find what's really good for you.  That's where I'd like to introduce you to Miessence and below is a little about the company and their high quality products and standards: Miessence is the world's first extensive range of internationally certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products. These range of products stand in a class of their own. They are independently certified to international food grade standards by some of the world's most respected organic certifying organisations - Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and IFOAM (Europe).  The passion for developing superior organic health, beauty and nutritional products continues with new, innovative lines under constant development. All Miessence products … [Read more...]

Just Between Friends San Mateo Consignment Sale: October 5-7th

About a week ago, I told you all about a huge consignment sale called Just Between Friends that is the biggest children's and maternity consignment sale!  I talked about being a consignor and selling at Just Between Friends (JBF) but this time, I get to tell you all about being a customer at JBF!  I had the chance to go to the sale at 2:30pm on Thursday, October 4th and show you all the goodies that are currently up for grabs at the sale!  Before I show you what people are consigning, I wanted to share a little bit more about the JBF sale.  But I will tease you with this photo below first: So the JBF San Mateo sale is going on right now from Friday, October 5th-Sunday, October 7th.  The sale opens to the public starting Friday, October 5th at 9am at the San Mateo County Event Center.  However, they have pre-sale hours on Thursday, October 4th where 1st time parents, military, and teachers can shop starting at 6pm.  Those that consign get to … [Read more...] Get Paid to Share Coupon Codes

It's no secret that I love shopping, especially with online shopping where I can find coupon codes for just about every purchase I make!  I usually just Google for coupon codes and then try out all the codes for the site that I am making a purchase for.  Many of the times, they are failed attempts because people either post expired, invalid, or just make up codes.  Then I found out about and saw that they are not only a site for finding coupon codes but they also have a Pays-2-Share program. Through the Pay-2-Share program, people like you and I can upload coupon codes into the Coupon Chief system for their participating online sites.  Then when someone successfully uses the coupon code we uploaded, we get 2% of the sales.  Once our Pay-2-Share account has reached $25, then Coupon Chief will either issue a check or send money through Paypal!  I've never gotten paid to share coupons before from other sites so Coupon Chief definitely has a great incentive program going … [Read more...]

Online Shopping-Coupon Code Hunting

Is it too obsessive to lament about a missed deal?  How about flashes of anguished regret for 2 weeks because I made a purchase at a shoe store and forgot to look for a coupon first and then finding out after my purchase that I could have gotten 20% off the whole purchase?  I could not let it go, I kept kicking myself for not having been prepared with a coupon!  I'm sure you can all tell by now that I am a shopaholic and it doesn't even matter what I am shopping for or what mode of shopping, whether it's online, catalog, in-store, live demos, or late night infomercials!  But what I love even more is saving money and using coupons, discounts, promo codes, getting freebies.  I love seeing the "here's what you saved" line on my grocery bills or my "discount amount" on my checkout cart!   Every time I shop online, I always look for a coupon or promo code to apply to my orders.  I love free shipping, discount on my … [Read more...]

HUGE Signing Time DVD Sale Ends 6/6: Pre-Order Now

SALE TIME: Signing Time is having a special sale starting June 5th and ending June 6th-yes only 2 days in celebration of their Share Your Story Week (You can read our story here)!  However, you can get the DVDs on sale from me and pre-order them starting now AND get them with some freebies I'm throwing in.  All single DVDs will be sold at $10 each (50% off retail price) and you can also get Potty Time DVD/CD combo for $10 (regularly $24.95 so it's a steal)!  Order now through this form! FREEBIES-ONLY WHEN ORDERING FROM KANGAROO MAMA:  For every 10 DVDs purchased, you will receive a FREE music CD of your choice from the Baby Signing Time collection (it will come in the same DVD case as the corresponding DVD).   If the full collection of Baby Signing Time AND Signing Time Series One and Two are purchased (REGULARLY $579.85), you will receive all the Baby Signing Time music CDs (4 total) for FREE (will come in the same DVD case as the … [Read more...]

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