You Color My World & You Make Me Happy Valentine’s Day Printables

So for the last 2 years, I actually didn't give any Valentine's cards out for Kiggster's friends.  One, I felt they were too young to understand what it was anyways, two, I felt they probably didn't need more candy or other paraphernalia, and third, Valentine's Day always just crept up on me before I had time to think about it.  So this year, I was determined to do something for Kiggster's besties because she actually enjoys giving things to people and making some stuff.  So I decided since Kiggster's nickname sometimes is Rayne-bow, Rayne-drop and the like, I had use that theme when creating her Valentine's Day cards.  Since I didn't want to give out candy as I was sure there would be plenty going around already, I decided to go for homemade crayons instead.  However, these Valentine's cards would go well with store bought crayons also, which I have seen on sale right now at Michaels or sold in party packs for pretty … [Read more...]

DIY Upcycled Crayons Tutorial

This project can involve toddlers but would probably be better suited for an older child if you want them taking part in the whole thing. Since I didn't want to give candy as I was sure there would be plenty going around already, I decided to go for homemade crayons, just like the ones I'd seen on Pinterest...oh yeah, Pinterest addict here!  I did end up doing some revisions to the ones I saw online and if you go on pinterest and do a search for recycled crayons, you will pull up a ton of different sources.  I didn't have tiny oven-safe silicone molds and I also could not find them in stores so I had to improvise on the tutorials that I found.  Since this is a project that involved an oven, wax, and melting stuff, I made sure I read all the directions and went the conservative route!  This is what I ended up with and you'll see some * signs for lessons learned after the activity. Supplies: Around 20 broken or unused crayons, I had a mixture of … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year: Traditions, Crafts, Free Printables & More

2013 is the Year of the Snake and I was born during the year of the Dog.  What is your Chinese zodiac sign?! Since Chinese New Year (or as others know it, Asian New Year or Lunar New Year) is on Sunday, February 10th, there are tons of things to do and prepare...and even tons of things on the DO NOT do list!  I pick and choose the things that I like during this time because I don't want Kiggster to lose her culture but I also know I can't keep up with all the traditions (though with some things, I see them more as superstition but depending on who you talk to, you could get a different answer)!  Mostly I do things for fun and I want it to be that way for Kiggster too as she learns about her culture. So, ever wonder why during CNY (Chinese New Year), if you walk through Chinatown, you see a pattern between all the stores, vendors, and homes?!  Below is a cliff notes version of some of the things that could help you get one step closer to understanding … [Read more...]

Valentines Day Round-Up: Crafts, Recipes & More Plus Link-Up

Valentine's Day is coming up in 10 days and if you are at a loss for what to give to that special someone, or crafts that involve your kids, or even how to decorate your home, then this post is definitely for you.  Below are some ideas from different bloggers on how they add that special touch to their Vday.  Some are super simple and some take a little bit more effort but there's definitely something for everyone there!  Make sure you check out my first Valentine's Day post this year on how to use up your Xmas candy and crafts while turning it into a Valentines appropriate activity-a Gingerbread Love Shack!   If you have any Valentines postings that you'd like to share, feel free to link up below via the InLinkz widget.  I hope you enjoy all the inspiration below, whether it be a recipe, a craft, or gift ideas.   Recipes: Slap Dash Mom shares delicious looking Strawberry Vanilla Cupcake Recipe. Send your sweetie some … [Read more...]

Revamp Christmas Turned Valentines: Gingerbread Love Shack Activity

I know Christmas has passed well over a month now but what happens to all the Christmas stuff that you loved so much or bought an over abundance of or items that are now on deep discount?!  Why don't we revamp some of them and use them for Valentine's Day?!  One of the first projects I wanted to share with you is the Gingerbread House Kit that I bought over Christmas and had grand plans to put together.  However, the holiday season was super busy and there definitely wasn't time between parties, dinners, and errands but I definitely didn't want to wait until next Christmas to put it to use!  So I called some of Kiggster and I's besties and I put together a play date to make a Gingerbread Love Shack! Oh yeah baby…love shack, baby, love shack but in the cleanest, most G-rated way known to children!  I also had some Christmas candy that I bought with red, green, and brown chocolate chips and I picked out all the green ones leaving only … [Read more...]

2012 Kangaroo Mama’s Holiday Guide and Link-Up

The Holiday Guide is finally here and live!  I am so excited to present to you Kangaroo Mama's 2012 Holiday Guide Magazine!  It's my very first time putting out a magazine and though it was a stressful process figuring out the best programs to use, it was actually very fun being able to do the layout and find the best content for the magazine.  There is a ton of really great ideas in this magazine, not just gift ideas but DIY crafts, recipes, and more to help you this holiday season!  I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear what you thought about it!   Open publication - Free publishing - More diy crafts If you are having trouble viewing the magazine above, you can also go here to view it.   If you have a Holiday Guide on your blog, please feel free to link up below.  I'd love to check them out and I'm sure others would be interested in seeing more ideas too!

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