Sorry I’ve been MIA

Wow, it seems like too long since my last post here to everyone.  Life seemed to have passed me by too quickly.  So a quick update, Honey graduated from his Master's program in May this year and it was so exciting for Roo and I.  I am pretty sure I was more excited than he was!  Actually, if I remember correctly, I forced him to go to his graduation.  He protested and said it seemed so silly to go since it didn't seem quite as "special" as a "second time" since he had attended his undergrad ceremony....ages ago!  But I said, "Our family didn't suffer through this Master's program together for 4 long years just so you don't walk in your graduation ceremony.  So you're going, even if it means just to wave to me on stage!"  It was great!  Then we went down to Southern California to visit our besties for 2 weeks, yup, they love us that much to let us stay that long with them! We went so many places for the first time together as a family, Legoland, Disneyland, etc.  I can't wait to … [Read more...]

Kiggster Conquers The Zipline

Like I shared in my previous post, Kiggster has been taking gymnastics  at Junior Gym in San Mateo and she absolutely loves the zipline there! She went a whole month without knowing how to use it and the day I recorded her, figured it out after several attempts!  I loved seeing the joy on her face as she threw back her head and glided down the zipline!  She definitely teaches me lots of life lessons even though she is only 3.  Teaching me that even things that are fun can be difficult to master and if we give up too early, we may never experience the joy and reward that comes at the end!  Don't give up, try, try, and try again!!! Here is also another clip, more like a compilation of super fast forwarded clips from when she started gymnastics at the beginning of September. Do your kids take gymnastics?  Do you feel it has made them do more adventurous things or has it helped them be safer about their crazy moves? … [Read more...]

Happy 3rd Birthday Kiggster!

I can't believe this but Kiggster is 3 today!  It seemed like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant and it was such a nice surprise to us.  Then on November 6, 2010 our teeny-tiny, cuddly, and super adorable firecracker was born!  She wasn't anything more than 6 pounds when she was born but now my little baby is 3 and though she still likes being carried, is no longer 6 pounds but closer to 30 pounds!  That was her when she was 2 weeks old, when even her premie onesies and cloth diapers were swimming on her!  Now she totally has her own opinions, wants to dress herself, enjoys painting, cutting with scissors, riding on ponies, swimming, singing, dancing, gymnastics, bounce castles, climbing, jumping off things, and just being super silly! I don't even know where all the time has gone and how she is already 3 but I love being able to spend more time with her at home watching her learn and grow.  I have such mixed feelings about her turning 3, I can't figure out whether or … [Read more...]

Kiggster’s 1st Day of Preschool: Mama Jitters & A Bento Lunch

OMG, when did Kiggster get old enough to start Preschool?!  Technically, she's not really starting Preschool Preschool but it's close enough.  I decided when I started staying home with Kiggster last year that I would also try to homeschool her.  I have no idea where to start with that but I figured if she was anything like me in personality and learning style, she would probably not be a "go-to-school" kinda girl.  She seems to love learning just through everyday life, our daily activities with tid bits infused into it.  She doesn't learning her numbers through me drilling it into her but rather through us singing songs in the car, counting the steps as we walk up and down flights of stairs, etc.  Now she knows her numbers and colors in two languages and even some in ASL and that was all through us living life.  I want her to love learning and not dread it.  I used to be an avid reader...up until there became required reading and I no longer loved it and haven't really been able to … [Read more...]

Update From Kiggster’s 2.5 Year Birthday

I know it's been  awhile since I've been back on my blog.  We were away for more than a month and then again for a week and a half this summer and now I can't believe summer is pretty much over!  Kiggster will be starting our PHC (Preschool Homeschooling Co-op) that I started with a couple women from my church so I hope to be able to have a little bit more "me-time" to do more posts, make more crafts, and maybe even do a giveaway or two too! So this summer, my sister moved to Hong Kong, if you remember from my previous posts.   Since she won't be around for Kiggster's birthday this year, I decided to celebrate early and do a Half birthday party.   I actually had been wanting to do that anyways because that meant her party could be in the summer and outdoors under the warm sun! Unfortunately, Gong-Gong (my dad) couldn't make it and so we were still missing someone in our family photo.  Though Kiggster still had tons of fun with my family!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I am … [Read more...]

Kiggster Update

I just realized that I hadn't written a post about Kiggster in a long time and she is growing and changing sooooo much that it would be a crime to not share more pictures of her.  Summer has barely begun and she's already been having a blast with parties and playtimes. She's gotten time with her cousins who she doesn't get to see often but every time she does see them, she doesn't want them to leave!  Can't you see why she has so much fun with them, they're total cuties!!! She loved playing dress up, putting on puppet shows, being silly, jumping off every object, spinning like crazy on a chair, and other insane acts they could think of.  I loved the picture of our 3 little see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil monkeys, can't believe they actually listened and let us take a picture of them! Kiggster has also taken to having a big brother and has enjoyed spending time with my future sister-in-law's little brother (I already think of her as my SIL even though her and my … [Read more...]

A Letter To My Potential Future Brother-In-Law

So as I mentioned in my previous posting, my sister is moving to Hong Kong, away from her family here in the States, to be with her man.  I just want to take this time to give my potential brother-in-law a message as someone who has been a sister to his girlfriend for…eh, enough years! Dear K, I hope you know how lucky you are to be with my sister, but even a lucky man like yourself still needs to hear some words from a potential sister-in-law that loves her sister very much!  Oh and my mom also has some of those same feelings as I have below so word to the wise, you should read all of it just in case she "tests" you on it!  Know it's a huge sacrifice for her to be moving almost 7,000 miles from her family in San Francisco…just for you!  No pressure, but pressure! Don't you dare mistreat her, treat her with more care than you would the most precious diamonds. She is beautiful and special so do everything you can to tell her … [Read more...]

Don’t Say Goodbye My Sister, My BFF

I have been a bit MIA lately, there has been a lot going on and I've been trying to take some time to process them but they just keep on comin'!  From my mom getting hit with an ER visit, to Honey getting laid off, illnesses, and my sister's upcoming move to Hong Kong.  Though I have to say, even though they are all equally stressful, it's been pretty hard thinking about my sister, one of my BFFs, moving across the world without me.  That's made me super emotional and actually depressed.  Darn Tina, why do you have to make me cry almost every night!  Just when I thought we were going to get more time together since she stopped working at her last job that had her living 2 lives, one in Hong Kong and one here in the States, then she hits me with the news that she's moving.  Actually, I guessed she was interviewing and asked her if that was true and she confirmed my fears! My sister and I shared a room forever growing up, spent late … [Read more...]

Always Have Hope + Free Printables

Sometimes it's hard to believe that things will turn out on the upside when a lot of things seem to be looking down. Things have not been a walk in the park for our family in the last couple years whether it was health, jobs, or finances.  However, looking in hindsight at them, good has come out of all of those situations.  Whether it was Honey losing his job but during that time, he got to be there for Kiggster and I when I went to all my ultrasounds (yup, had one almost every month), then he got to spend Kiggster's whole 1st year with her and finally, that lead him to make the jump into getting his Master's degree!  Financially things have also not been super easy for us but we also made some decisions financially that would seem crazy to some but made the most sense to our family.  We decided to become a one-income family, especially since things weren't looking good with my last company.  However, that also meant we could no longer afford to … [Read more...]

Reflecting on 2012 and Looking Ahead To 2013!

Wow, I know, I'm totally behind on this post but hey, I still have 11 months before 2013 is over so that's plenty of time to still work on goals and resolutions and reflecting on the past year, right?!  The year passed by way too fast, I don't believe that Kiggster is already 2 years old…well technically she is now 27 months old and Honey and I have hit 7 years in our marriage!  So I definitely wanted to take the time to reflect over 2012, our family, marriage, motherhood, spiritually, and blog-wise before creating new goals for 2013.  The great thing about having this blog is, it didn't let me "lose" my virtual 2012 goals and so I re-read them here to jog my memory about what I even wrote.  Yes, it's bad, I didn't really look at them after April last year and so I had no idea what I even had committed myself to anymore.  First before I go into my goals from past and future, I wanted to do a 2012 Kiggster recap. … [Read more...]

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