Kiggster’s 1st Day of Preschool: Mama Jitters & A Bento Lunch

OMG, when did Kiggster get old enough to start Preschool?!  Technically, she's not really starting Preschool Preschool but it's close enough.  I decided when I started staying home with Kiggster last year that I would also try to homeschool her.  I have no idea where to start with that but I figured if she was anything like me in personality and learning style, she would probably not be a "go-to-school" kinda girl.  She seems to love learning just through everyday life, our daily activities with tid bits infused into it.  She doesn't learning her numbers through me drilling it into her but rather through us singing songs in the car, counting the steps as we walk up and down flights of stairs, etc.  Now she knows her numbers and colors in two languages and even some in ASL and that was all through us living life.  I want her to love learning and not dread it.  I used to be an avid reader...up until there became required reading and I no longer loved it and haven't really been able to … [Read more...]

FunBites Review & Giveaway

I was going to wait to do my giveaways starting this Friday for my week long giveaway but I thought, why not do a pre-party with something fun like a FunBites food cutter?! Welcome to the Pre-Party for Kangaroo Mama's Housewarming Party Giveaway Week! FunBites is a company that sells products to cut food into 12 smaller bite size pieces in fun shapes.  They currently have Cube-It, which cuts them into 12 small cube shapes and the Luv-It that cuts them into small 12 geometric shapes that piece together into a heart with 2 small hearts.  So here is my review of the Luv-It cutter I received: So I decided to try my cutter on an almond butter sprouted-bread sandwich!  You take the bottom piece with the handles and use that as your cutter.  The base of the cutter is curved so you rock the cutter back and forth on the food that you are cutting.  Then once you cut through to the bottom, take the top piece and that pushes out your cut pieces of food. Once it pushed out the … [Read more...]

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