Carrot-Shaped Calzone Recipe & Night Time Egg Hunting

  We had a fun pre-Easter party on Friday and had our very first night time egg hunt!  It was a potluck and when I asked Honey what Easter themed dish I should bring, he said, "Rabbit!"  Um…no thanks Honey!  I definitely don't want to be remembered as the rabbit killer so the next best thing were Carrot-Shaped Calzones!  I found my inspiration on Pinterest and used this recipe from Inspired By Familia but I changed a couple things around.  Ingredients:  Pillsbury Pizza Dough Sausage Meat Spinach Bag of Shredded Broccoli & Carrots Parmesan Cheese Mexican Cheese Blend Stalks of Parsley for Decoration Italian Seasoning Basically I followed the instructions from Inspired By Familia except mine didn't quite come out quite as pretty looking!  I think mine turned out more rounded because I used bulkier ingredients like sausage instead of pepperoni.  I did nix the orange dye so that I could … [Read more...]

Healthy Cheese Pretzel Recipe

  I am very excited to have invited Corinna from The Sweet Spot here to share a yummy and easy recipe.  Hope you all will enjoy making it, I think I'm going to have to try this next week! When I was 12 years old, I learned how to make this healthy cheese pretzel recipe. Our neighbors across the street sent me to babysitting school with the hopes that I would become their ultimate babysitter. One of the things that really stuck with me was the importance of feeding growing children healthy snacks. The instructor taught us how to make this cheese pretzel recipe and I have been making it ever since. This recipe is so simple and you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry already! 'My kids' loved two pretzels and half an apple for an afternoon snack. I hope your kids enjoy it too! Healthy Cheese Pretzels 1 package active dry yeast 2 cups flour, plus more for dusting 2 tsp sugar 3/4 cup cheddar cheese, grated egg wash (1 egg, … [Read more...]

Healthy Veggie-Loaded Savory Popcorn Recipe

So if you've been around this blog for awhile, you'll know that Kiggster looooves popcorn!  Actually, some would say she's obsessed with popcorn and can down a whole bag all by herself.  Because of that, I wanted to try to find a way to healthify her popcorn diet without her really discovering that I was doing it!  I've been making Kiggster popcorn with some plain bagged popcorn I bought for awhile now but I was only using butter, salt, paprika and tumeric.  I recently was introduced to Miessence's DeepGreen Superfood which is made with 100% vegan, raw, and certified organic ingredients.  One teaspoon of this freeze-dried powder is equivalent to 60ml of fresh green juices and that was perfect for our family.  So it dawned on me this week that I could totally use this powder to  make Kiggster some popcorn and so that's what I tried today!  Kiggster was all over the popcorn that I made with no hesitation about the DeepGreen … [Read more...]

2012 Kangaroo Mama’s Holiday Guide and Link-Up

The Holiday Guide is finally here and live!  I am so excited to present to you Kangaroo Mama's 2012 Holiday Guide Magazine!  It's my very first time putting out a magazine and though it was a stressful process figuring out the best programs to use, it was actually very fun being able to do the layout and find the best content for the magazine.  There is a ton of really great ideas in this magazine, not just gift ideas but DIY crafts, recipes, and more to help you this holiday season!  I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear what you thought about it!   Open publication - Free publishing - More diy crafts If you are having trouble viewing the magazine above, you can also go here to view it.   If you have a Holiday Guide on your blog, please feel free to link up below.  I'd love to check them out and I'm sure others would be interested in seeing more ideas too!

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