Traveling The World With Little Passports-World Edition

What child doesn't love traveling or at least pretend that they are traveling the world?!  I know Roo absolutely LOVES maps and is fascinated with looking at maps to find where she needs to go next!  She enjoys going on treasure hunts and letting her self-made maps lead her to her treasures.  Although sometimes she likes to say, "Let me put it in my GPS and see where we go next!"  So she's a little old-school and a little tech-savvy at the same time! Roo gets a lot of exposure from my sister traveling here to the Bay Area from Hong Kong and sees all her suitcases packed along with a passport.  So when Roo got her very first shipment from Little Passports, she was more than ecstatic to find that she got her own passport, suitcase, boarding pass, map and more! We elected to have the World edition of the Little Passports subscription service so that Roo can learn more about other cultures.  The World edition is actually for kids ages 5-10 years old while their USA edition is geared … [Read more...]

Stuck On You Valentines Printables

So I just shared about the Airplane themed Valentines Printables and now I'd like to share with you the Stuck On You Valentines Printable!  Yup, yup, I am most definitely a procrastinator so I didn't start making these printables until last night!  I found some sticky hand toys in a bin full of old Halloween favors (yup the same bin as the airplanes) and decided to make something to coordinate with them.  I got those favors from Oriental Trading and had an excess of them so now it's come to use!  But what's great about this printable is that you can use it with other types of favors too besides the sticky hand toys, like stickers, bubble gum and if you want to use it for an adult or someone who loves crafts...WASHI TAPE!  I love washi tape, anyone want to give me a valentine with washi tape?! Check out my other free Valentines printables like the Airplane themed ones and the other ones from last year, "Color My World." FREE PRINTABLES: Click on the pictures below to print out the … [Read more...]

You Color My World & You Make Me Happy Valentine’s Day Printables

So for the last 2 years, I actually didn't give any Valentine's cards out for Kiggster's friends.  One, I felt they were too young to understand what it was anyways, two, I felt they probably didn't need more candy or other paraphernalia, and third, Valentine's Day always just crept up on me before I had time to think about it.  So this year, I was determined to do something for Kiggster's besties because she actually enjoys giving things to people and making some stuff.  So I decided since Kiggster's nickname sometimes is Rayne-bow, Rayne-drop and the like, I had use that theme when creating her Valentine's Day cards.  Since I didn't want to give out candy as I was sure there would be plenty going around already, I decided to go for homemade crayons instead.  However, these Valentine's cards would go well with store bought crayons also, which I have seen on sale right now at Michaels or sold in party packs for pretty … [Read more...]

Mabel’s Labels: Preschool Shoe Labels & Write Away Labels Review

  Ever find it hard to get your child to put on their shoes on the right foot?  What about labeling all your items whenever you want and with whatever caption you'd like? I was fortunate to be able to do a review of Mabel's Labels' Preschool Shoe Labels and Write Away Labels.  Below is the story behind Mabel's Labels: We are moms who were frustrated by the amount of stuff that left our houses, never to return. After lots of research and testing we created the perfect labels for the stuff kids lose.  Our sticky labels and clothing labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe, and customized with a child’s name, choice of colours and icon. We also offer child safety products and household labels. The labels came in the cutest little box wrapped up all nicely in tissue paper.  I loved the presentation, made me excited to get labels for my daughter! For the shoe labels, the set we received were the butterfly ones with … [Read more...]

Gutzy Gear: Backpack Straps & Patches Review & Giveaway

I was given the chance to throw a Gutzy Gear party and though Kiggster is a bit on the young side (22 months), I wanted to have a party for those I knew that had school-aged kids and were heading back to school!  Everyone that came to the party was excited to pick out their patches and start decorating their backpack straps with them!  But before we show you that, let's find out what Gutzy Gear is all about:  Gutzy Gear is a great, new way to express yourself by customizing your backback, sports duffel, messenger bag, and more! Gutzies are cool looking removable patches. Gutzies stick to a Gutzy strap cover that you put wherever you want to go Gutzy! With 56 Gutzies in a series and new Gutzies constantly being introduced, you can collect and trade a world of Gutzies. But Gutzy Gear is even more… Gutzy Gear is a lifestyle! Gutzy Gear is about showing the world who you are, taking chances and being the best YOU you can be. So wherever you are, whenever it … [Read more...] Rent Textbooks and Make a Difference

What did you do with your textbooks in college after each Quarter or Semester was over? Did you try to sell it? Reuse it? Or did you say to yourself that you would probably need to look at it again sometime in the future only to find it still unopened and collecting dust on a bookshelf five years later?  I know for myself, I purchased all my books new and kept all of them even after finishing those classes with the mentality that I would need to “reference” them again in the future.  I had a hard time selling my used textbooks online or selling them back to the university because almost 99% of the times, the classes weren’t using the same book or edition the following quarter! I never even thought about renting textbooks but did.  It’s such a great idea to rent rather than buy. They even allow highlighting in your textbook, which makes studying much easier. offers different rental periods to … [Read more...]

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