Stuck On You Valentines Printables

So I just shared about the Airplane themed Valentines Printables and now I'd like to share with you the Stuck On You Valentines Printable!  Yup, yup, I am most definitely a procrastinator so I didn't start making these printables until last night!  I found some sticky hand toys in a bin full of old Halloween favors (yup the same bin as the airplanes) and decided to make something to coordinate with them.  I got those favors from Oriental Trading and had an excess of them so now it's come to use!  But what's great about this printable is that you can use it with other types of favors too besides the sticky hand toys, like stickers, bubble gum and if you want to use it for an adult or someone who loves crafts...WASHI TAPE!  I love washi tape, anyone want to give me a valentine with washi tape?! Check out my other free Valentines printables like the Airplane themed ones and the other ones from last year, "Color My World." FREE PRINTABLES: Click on the pictures below to print out the … [Read more...]

Airplane Themed Valentine’s Day Printables

Happy Valentine's Day!  I know these printables are coming a little late and I am most definitely a procrastinator but if you're looking for an easy and quick valentine's idea for your kids, you'll want to check these out!  I found some foam airplanes that I had from some past halloweens, bought from Oriental Trading, and decided to make some printables for them!  I am a fan of non-sweets for valentine's favors so if I didn't have the airplanes , I would have found some of those parachute toys, or sky themed stickers.  But candies would work too with these printables!  Enjoy and if you want a different themed valentine, you can check my "Stuck On You" and "Color My World" free valentine printables! FREE PRINTABLES: Click on the pictures below to download the PDF files which will print either 4 or 6 to a page.         High On You- Hot Air Balloon     You Make My Heart Soar         High On You-Rainbow                  You're Plane-tastic Valentines Printables  … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Craft Using Valentine’s Day Supplies

With St. Patrick's Day only 2 weeks away, it's time to set our crafts, foods and decor mode in motion!  With that, I am very happy to Introduce you all to Jessica from Begin To Craft who is here to share a super easy St. Patrick's Day craft with you that utilizes some of your left over Valentine's Day supplies.  I definitely have a lot of those left over so I will need to put them to use with this craft so it doesn't sit idle for another year!  Hope you all will enjoy making it!   I want to express my thanks for allowing me to guest post here at Kangaroo Mom today. Thank you Kathy! I have 3 small children and we love to do craft projects around the house. You can find me and see our past St. Patrick's day crafts on my blog, Begin To Craft.    So it seems common knowledge that we crafty types like having things to do and decorate for each holiday. Being Irish just gives me even more reason to enjoy St Patty's … [Read more...]

Always Have Hope + Free Printables

Sometimes it's hard to believe that things will turn out on the upside when a lot of things seem to be looking down. Things have not been a walk in the park for our family in the last couple years whether it was health, jobs, or finances.  However, looking in hindsight at them, good has come out of all of those situations.  Whether it was Honey losing his job but during that time, he got to be there for Kiggster and I when I went to all my ultrasounds (yup, had one almost every month), then he got to spend Kiggster's whole 1st year with her and finally, that lead him to make the jump into getting his Master's degree!  Financially things have also not been super easy for us but we also made some decisions financially that would seem crazy to some but made the most sense to our family.  We decided to become a one-income family, especially since things weren't looking good with my last company.  However, that also meant we could no longer afford to … [Read more...]

Escape From Planet Earth $25 Visa Gift Card & Movie Pack Giveaway-Ends 2/13 + Free Printables

If you've been around this blog for awhile, you'll know I love animated movies, probably more than kids do.  I'm all about the animation, tween drama, and innocent humor!  So when I heard about Escape From Planet Earth, I had to check out what it was all about.  When I watched the trailer, it already had me laughing and just itching to see more.  I read the synopsis and found out that Brendan Fraser was part of the cast...I have to say, I really like movies that he's in because most of them are really funny but don't involve adult or dirty humor!  I can't wait to see it when it releases on February 15th and since Honey is such a sci-fi fanatic, I am sure he will love watching it too!  Below you will find the movie synopsis, trailer, free Valentine's Day printables and a GIVEAWAY!!!!  You can enter and find details for the giveaway at the bottom of this posting! Synopsis: The 3D animated family comedy catapults … [Read more...]

Kelly Kits Monthly Art Play Subscription Review and FLASH GIVEAWAY

I have to admit, I didn't actually consider doing regular art times with Kiggster until I saw a service called Kelly Kits that allows you to subscribe for monthly art shipments.  I was intrigued but was also a bit skeptical if it was going to be something I could use with her since she wasn't even 2 yet. However, they assured me that it would still be great at her age (about 20 months old at that time) but it would just be less structured than if it was an older child.  Their website recommends the kits for kids aged 2-102 years old so I think almost everyone is covered in that age range!  So I was given the opportunity to review one month of their service.  The month I was sent the review, they were doing printmaking art kits, Sponge & Stamp, and below is a picture of everything that came in the kit: Before I delve into the kit I received, I'd like to tell you a little bit more about Kelly Kits first. Kelly Kits encourage art play using a … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Mama’s Interview With Katie Cazorla From Nail Files & Giveaway

  Remember when I mentioned that I would have the chance to interview Katie Cazorla, the owner of The Painted Nail spa and the star of reality TV show Nail Files?!  I was fortunate enough on Monday not only to get a free manicure in her Nail Files Mobile Spa Bus but also to sit down with her and get the scoop on her story and what we can look forward to in Season 2. Katie was not only tons of fun and full of energy but super down-to-earth.  I was just glad she didn't kick me out for dressing too casual or not having high tech gear.  I was in jeans, t-shirt, barely combed hair and no makeup, plus I did not put on any heels-just my Dr. Scholls flats, which I still love and think are cute!  Then when I arrived, she was sitting with the crew from KGO and a photographer from the San Francisco Chronicle…boy was I feeling insecure.  They not only had reporters but a camera man and the photographer had 2 fancy dSLRs hanging off her neck with … [Read more...]

Nail Files Mobile Spa Event: In San Francisco On 8/6/2012

Update on 7/28/2012: I just found out several more dates in the Mobile Spa Bus schedules and a revised air date for Season 2, along with the new spa bus photos.  See revised posting below for updated information.   So I just found out about a free event coming to San Francisco, CA on Monday August 6th and it sounds pretty awesome!  Who doesn't love a free manicure with eco-friendly nail polishes in a decked out spa bus?!  I am dying to get pampered and this will be a great excuse to get the girls together to show some love for those overworked hands! Plus it will be a great chance to get hyped up for Season 2 of the reality TV show series, Nail Files.  I admit, I hadn't watched Season 1 or heard of the show prior to this event but have been catching clips of it recently and I am determined to watch all of Season 1 before Season 2 starts on August 19th.  You can catch up on Season 1 starting this Sunday on TV Guide Network with 2 … [Read more...]

July Fourth (4th): Free Printables, Recipes, Decor, and More

Happy 4th of July everyone!  Let the celebrations and fireworks begin!!!  So what are your plans today?!  Are you one of the last minute people like me (hence this last minute 4th of July posting)?!  Well, below you will find a list of some fun printables, party decor ideas, recipes, photo ideas and more, all related to the Fourth of July!  Some are easy enough to even pull off last minute!  How about using up those leftover and questionable marshmallows in the pantry for decorations?  Not sure how to give those strawberries some oomph? Bored of taking the same old pictures of your fireworks and want to see other people's photos for more ideas?  Hope you enjoy all the BBQs, sun, and fun with your friends and family! Printables/Party Decor Ideas: Moms and Munchkins shares some free printables and kid's activities for a fun July 4th party Tons of free printables from The Sweetest Occasion for cupcake toppers, buntings and more Martha … [Read more...]

Disney Pixar Brave: Father’s Day Video & More Free Activity Sheets

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!  With Disney Pixar's Brave coming out in a couple more days, there is definitely a lot to share.  They would also like to wish you all a Happy Father's Day and even made a video clip just for the occasion with funny clips from the movie.  There are also some more downloadable activity sheets below that the kids...or you, can enjoy.  I love Spot The Difference activities, they're fun!  If you missed my previous posting with more video clips and free activity sheets, you can check them out here! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and I'd love to hear what you did to celebrate the Dads in your life! … [Read more...]

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