San Mateo’s Largest Children & Maternity Consignment Sale-March 6-9th

Last year September, I posted about Just Between Friend's (JBF) Fall sale and I scored so many wonderful things from it!  JBF has 2 sales a year, a spring and a fall sale, this year's spring sale will be starting March 6th-9th.  Why try to drive around town looking for good garage sales with no guarantee they will have good quality children's items for sale.  Why not just head to JBF and know there will be tons of good quality children's clothes, toys, furniture, books, and even maternity items.  When I was at the last sale, there were items from newborn through size 14 in kids for both genders!  There was so much to buy and tons of things that I wish I had waited until the JBF sale to buy!  The exact same potty bench that I had for Kiggster at home and spent some pretty pennies on was on sale for less than half what I paid for and it was in excellent condition.  I got a lot of new (yup, even new stuff) items for Kiggster like an … [Read more...]

Happy 2nd Birthday Kiggster, Plus Read About Our Birth Story Too!

OMG, our little baby is 2 today!  Where has the time gone and what happened to my 6lb 1.5oz baby?!  Kiggster has grown so much and I love seeing all the new things she's been doing and saying.  Honey and I could not be more amazed with our wonderful little sweetheart!  I promise to share her milestone updates with you since the last one I did was like back in May...let me tell you, she has grown A LOT since then! Below is a picture from her birthday party on Sunday and more will be coming shortly!  Thanks to all our family and friends that celebrated that special day with us and helping us to build such amazing memories!  Kiggster is lucky to have you all in her life and so are we, thank you for all of you supporting and loving us so much through every step of this journey! I also thought it would be a good time to look over Kiggster's birth story and our journey of her coming into our lives.  I love looking at our photo book and reflecting … [Read more...]

Just Between Friends San Mateo Consignment Sale: October 5-7th

About a week ago, I told you all about a huge consignment sale called Just Between Friends that is the biggest children's and maternity consignment sale!  I talked about being a consignor and selling at Just Between Friends (JBF) but this time, I get to tell you all about being a customer at JBF!  I had the chance to go to the sale at 2:30pm on Thursday, October 4th and show you all the goodies that are currently up for grabs at the sale!  Before I show you what people are consigning, I wanted to share a little bit more about the JBF sale.  But I will tease you with this photo below first: So the JBF San Mateo sale is going on right now from Friday, October 5th-Sunday, October 7th.  The sale opens to the public starting Friday, October 5th at 9am at the San Mateo County Event Center.  However, they have pre-sale hours on Thursday, October 4th where 1st time parents, military, and teachers can shop starting at 6pm.  Those that consign get to … [Read more...]

Just Between Friends: Consignment For The Money Conscious & Busy Individuals

Have you ever thought about having a yard sale or garage sale to get rid of all that excess stuff piling up in the garage...and sometimes throughout the home?!  What if you don’t even have a garage or a yard to host a sale?!  Too busy to set one up?  Well, I came across Just Between Friends, the largest children’s and maternity consignment sales event and they are definitely the solution for our family!   I had seen them in the years past but didn’t want to consign because I was too busy to get my things ready, price all my items, and bring them during the designated hours.  But last year, Just Between Friends in San Mateo (that’s the one closest to my home) did something different, they started a valet tagging program!  That sounds luxurious doesn’t?!  Well, for those of us that have little time to spare but lots of baby and maternity items to rid ourselves of, this was a great option!  Before we delve into … [Read more...]

Nursing Saga Part III- Nursing & Maternity Essentials: HOTmilk Review

HotMilk Sweetheart Nightie So the saga continues...if you haven't had a chance to read the Nursing Saga Part II: Helpful Resources or Nursing Saga Part I: Breastpumps, you can click the links to read them now!  You can't share about nursing and not talk about an essential nursing component...nursing bras and sleepwear!  I have to say, I always had a hard time finding good quality and supportive bras even pre-pregnancy but when I started was even worse!  I had gone to different cookie cutter maternity stores and department stores like Nordstroms and Motherhood to try to find nursing gear and quickly realized that there weren't very many options out there.  I bought two bras from Motherhood Maternity and of course I was measured incorrectly in the store and both the bras proved to be super uncomfortable and not very supportive.  One bra stated it was "wireless" but what I realized was it did not say it was … [Read more...]

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