San Mateo’s Largest Children & Maternity Consignment Sale-March 6-9th

Last year September, I posted about Just Between Friend's (JBF) Fall sale and I scored so many wonderful things from it!  JBF has 2 sales a year, a spring and a fall sale, this year's spring sale will be starting March 6th-9th.  Why try to drive around town looking for good garage sales with no guarantee they will have good quality children's items for sale.  Why not just head to JBF and know there will be tons of good quality children's clothes, toys, furniture, books, and even maternity items.  When I was at the last sale, there were items from newborn through size 14 in kids for both genders!  There was so much to buy and tons of things that I wish I had waited until the JBF sale to buy!  The exact same potty bench that I had for Kiggster at home and spent some pretty pennies on was on sale for less than half what I paid for and it was in excellent condition.  I got a lot of new (yup, even new stuff) items for Kiggster like an … [Read more...] Get Paid to Share Coupon Codes

It's no secret that I love shopping, especially with online shopping where I can find coupon codes for just about every purchase I make!  I usually just Google for coupon codes and then try out all the codes for the site that I am making a purchase for.  Many of the times, they are failed attempts because people either post expired, invalid, or just make up codes.  Then I found out about and saw that they are not only a site for finding coupon codes but they also have a Pays-2-Share program. Through the Pay-2-Share program, people like you and I can upload coupon codes into the Coupon Chief system for their participating online sites.  Then when someone successfully uses the coupon code we uploaded, we get 2% of the sales.  Once our Pay-2-Share account has reached $25, then Coupon Chief will either issue a check or send money through Paypal!  I've never gotten paid to share coupons before from other sites so Coupon Chief definitely has a great incentive program going … [Read more...]

Money Saving Mom’s Budget Audio Book Review

I had the pleasure of receiving an audio book for the Money Saving Mom’s Budget after having followed her blog for quite awhile.  I subscribe to her emails from her blog, weekly grocery store deals for the ones I shop at, and I frequently find great deals or better yet, free deals from her site!  So when I heard she had a book coming out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands (or ears) on a copy because I knew good stuff had to be in there too.  The good thing about the audio book is that besides all the MP3 files you’re sent, it also had a PDF file with copies of all the worksheets in the book and some of their tips pages.  One thing I wish was included in the PDF was the table of contents because it’s really hard for me to remember which chapter it was that I heard something in and if I wanted to reference it again, I’d have to listen to clips for all the chapters. It was a really easy read/listen for me.  I could play it while doing other things, which is helpful because if I got the … [Read more...]

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