Money Saving Mom’s Budget Audio Book Review

I had the pleasure of receiving an audio book for the Money Saving Mom’s Budget after having followed her blog for quite awhile.  I subscribe to her emails from her blog, weekly grocery store deals for the ones I shop at, and I frequently find great deals or better yet, free deals from her site!  So when I heard she had a book coming out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands (or ears) on a copy because I knew good stuff had to be in there too.  The good thing about the audio book is that besides all the MP3 files you’re sent, it also had a PDF file with copies of all the worksheets in the book and some of their tips pages.  One thing I wish was included in the PDF was the table of contents because it’s really hard for me to remember which chapter it was that I heard something in and if I wanted to reference it again, I’d have to listen to clips for all the chapters. It was a really easy read/listen for me.  I could play it while doing other things, which is helpful because if I got the … [Read more...]

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