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Sometimes it's hard to believe that things will turn out on the upside when a lot of things seem to be looking down. Things have not been a walk in the park for our family in the last couple years whether it was health, jobs, or finances.  However, looking in hindsight at them, good has come out of all of those situations.  Whether it was Honey losing his job but during that time, he got to be there for Kiggster and I when I went to all my ultrasounds (yup, had one almost every month), then he got to spend Kiggster's whole 1st year with her and finally, that lead him to make the jump into getting his Master's degree!  Financially things have also not been super easy for us but we also made some decisions financially that would seem crazy to some but made the most sense to our family.  We decided to become a one-income family, especially since things weren't looking good with my last company.  However, that also meant we could no longer afford to … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Mama is Forging a New Path

It seems like it's been awhile since I last posted something "personal" on here.  I think my last one was New Beginnings: Light At The End Of The Tunnel and I had just made the decision to resign from my position at my job so that I could stay home with Kiggster.  I have to say, that was probably the best decision I could have made because I actually felt a small load get lifted from my shoulders.  Although, at that time, Honey and I still weren't too sure what we wanted our future to look like, except for the fact that we wanted Kiggster to be raised into a godly young woman and for us to strengthen the foundation of our marriage.  So I continued to keep the doors open for new opportunities career-wise but not actively seeking for it.  Although it seemed like recruiters were calling me left and right with the "perfect" opportunities…you know, the ones that didn't arise when I was trying to escape from my old job?!  … [Read more...]

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

Shared via Flickr Happy Mothers Day to Kangaroo Mama's Mama!!!  I love you Mommy and I am so grateful for all that you have been through and yet still love with all your heart.  Someone that I truly admire and am inspired by is my mother, Kiggster's Po-Po. She may say she's not very educated, doesn't have much to offer, and not very talented but that's her Asian submissiveness/humility/craziness speaking and all that is not even close to the truth. Though she may not have graduated from college, her skills, talent and the inspiration she gives to those around her surpass those of even one with an PhD.   She's been through so much in her life and she could have given up but instead she pushed through and persevered despite what the outcomes looked like or how bleak the future looked.  or those of you who don't know her, here's her story... Me & My Mommy Po-Po immigrated here to the US in her teens, without a lick of English … [Read more...]

Do Moms Get Competitive About Their Kids?!

Shared via Flickr It seems competitiveness doesn't just describe professional working folks and their ambition but maybe even moms and their babies!  Do babies care if the baby next to them is 2 inches taller even though they are a month younger than them?  Do babies talk about how many teeth they have growing and if it's weird that they're coming out in singles rather than pairs?  What about formula vs breastfed, cloth diapers vs disposables, homemade baby food vs jar/can/package/store-bought food, baby-wearing vs stroller, co-sleeping vs crib and tons of other things?!  I highly doubt my 18 month old Kiggster cares a smidgen if Baby X, Y, or Z is eating their broccoli, pooping in the potty, talking up a storm, walking like a pro, or has a full head of Pantene commercial-worthy hair! You can read about Kiggster's lack of hair and interesting haircut here! I actually don't even think Dads care about those things either, at least Honey … [Read more...]

Money Saving Mom’s Budget Audio Book Review

I had the pleasure of receiving an audio book for the Money Saving Mom’s Budget after having followed her blog for quite awhile.  I subscribe to her emails from her blog, weekly grocery store deals for the ones I shop at, and I frequently find great deals or better yet, free deals from her site!  So when I heard she had a book coming out, I couldn’t wait to get my hands (or ears) on a copy because I knew good stuff had to be in there too.  The good thing about the audio book is that besides all the MP3 files you’re sent, it also had a PDF file with copies of all the worksheets in the book and some of their tips pages.  One thing I wish was included in the PDF was the table of contents because it’s really hard for me to remember which chapter it was that I heard something in and if I wanted to reference it again, I’d have to listen to clips for all the chapters. It was a really easy read/listen for me.  I could play it while doing other things, which is helpful because if I got the … [Read more...]

Do I Love My Reflection?!

Well, this year I think it's supposed to be a big year for least that's what the magazines, media, and friends say.  I'm turning the big 3-0!  Should I be having a mid-life crisis?!  Reflecting on the last 30 years of my life?!  Getting a complete makeover?!  Going out and doing something totally wild and unlike me?!  Retreat to the mountains and "discover" who I really am?!  It actually makes me anxious thinking about turning 30, not so much because of the age or the number but other factors.  Media plays a big part, I feel like I should do something completely different, escaping from reality to "discover" myself seems cool or doing something crazy seems great too.  Makeover, who doesn't love a makeover?!  Thinking about the makeover part is what makes me anxious. Some of you may not know or have forgotten, but almost 3 years ago, I had something called Bell's Palsy.  I completely lost feeling and function on the left side of my face during an already stressful time in my … [Read more...]

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