2012 Blogmania: Mommy & Baby Dull Day Makeover Giveaway Packages

The much anticipated 2012 Blogmania has finally arrived!  That means you can now enter the "Mommy & Baby Dull Day Makeover" giveaway prize packages here at Kangaroo Mama and afterwards, hop on over to all the other 50+ participating bloggers to enter their amazing giveaways too at the linky list at the bottom of this posting. The goal was to have $100 in giveaway prizes so you will be entering for some great stuff because many of the bloggers have well exceeded this goal!  All the giveaways will be ending 4/30 so make sure you enter them all before it's too late! The theme of Kangaroo Mama's giveaway packages are "Mommy and Baby Dull Day Makeover" and you can read why I chose that theme for each prize package!  There are 2 prize packages because one is open to participants Worldwide while the other is open only to US/Canada participants! Prize #1: Open to Participants WORLDWIDE I think it's pretty obvious why this prize is … [Read more...]

Nursing Saga Part III- Nursing & Maternity Essentials: HOTmilk Review

HotMilk Sweetheart Nightie So the saga continues...if you haven't had a chance to read the Nursing Saga Part II: Helpful Resources or Nursing Saga Part I: Breastpumps, you can click the links to read them now!  You can't share about nursing and not talk about an essential nursing component...nursing bras and sleepwear!  I have to say, I always had a hard time finding good quality and supportive bras even pre-pregnancy but when I started nursing...it was even worse!  I had gone to different cookie cutter maternity stores and department stores like Nordstroms and Motherhood to try to find nursing gear and quickly realized that there weren't very many options out there.  I bought two bras from Motherhood Maternity and of course I was measured incorrectly in the store and both the bras proved to be super uncomfortable and not very supportive.  One bra stated it was "wireless" but what I realized was it did not say it was … [Read more...]

Sleep Training: Bootcamp for Parents!

This month is passing by pretty quickly.  Not sure how I feel about that.  We've been trying to sleep train (Honey hates that term, he would rather just say, "teach her to sleep on her own") Kiggster the last couple days.  We originally had switched her crib into a toddler bed so she could climb in and out herself and we wouldn't worry about her jumping out the bed and hurting herself.  However, it doesn't really work for sleeping if they know how to get out and stay out of bed.  She sure loved playing in it though!  So Honey switched her toddler bed back to a crib last Tuesday and we've been trying to help her sleep on her own.  So that means, Mama has to lose her crutch of nursing her to sleep, nursing her in bed, nursing her through the night...you get the point.  Also, this means, not rocking her to sleep, holding her until she falls asleep and all the traditional "no-nos" that Honey and I are both culprits of.   Honey doesn't agree with … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Mama’s Nursing Saga Part II: Helpful Resources

It's taken me awhile to get started on writing Part II of the nursing post.  To read Part I of the nursing saga, click here.  In Part I we talked about breastpumps and accessories that I found useful in helping me continue pumping (heading on 1 year in a couple weeks).  Some helpful resources for me that I either wish I found during pregnancy or used a lot of were:La Leche League Meetings: I went to a couple meetings during the 1st couple months of the newborn phase and they provided me with such wealth of information.  I didn't know how great they would be prior to Kiggster's arrival but got desperate when I was having a lot of nursing/bottle feeding issues so I went to one.  I can't make anymore of the meetings because the times just haven't worked in my work/home life balance but if I had the time, I'd totally still go.  I highly recommend going even during pregnancy to hear what other moms are going through, advice being given, and just the … [Read more...]

Kangaroo Mama’s Milky Ways: Part I-Breastpumps

I did mention I had no shame previously right?!  I wanted this blog to share about my baby and her growth but also the things that I've learned along the way about motherhood-good and the unexpected, in hopes that it can help another mama or mama-to-be out there.  I think nursing/pumping has been the most challenging and unpredictable aspect of motherhood for me.  I expected no sleep, expected crying, expected to fall in love, expected changes in scheduling, expected money to spill out of our already empty wallets but nursing/pumping was a whole other ballgame!  I do want to separate those two topics though because they are really different and pose different sets of challenges (for me at least).  I'm going to divy out my posting about nursing and pumpng in several parts to keep the post manageable.  I will share from the beginning (how my timeline for things panned out or how I wished they worked out)!Some of the things I purchased during pregnancy … [Read more...]

Peek-a-Boo Tuesday

Wow, it was a really short long weekend!  I can't believe it's Tuesday and I'm back here at work pumping!  Apparently my sister likes to tell her friends all about how I like to P&B (pump & blog) at the same time.  There are a couple things that I've learned through motherhood: 1) to have no shame and 2) to be an extreme multi-tasker...you think any of those skills and characteristics would fly on a job resume?!  It's funny that her friends couldn't believe I could pump & blog at the same time and how I had a handy hands-free tool, only for me to come to work and discover my tool missing from my bag!  Well, I had to put that multi-tasking to the test...pumping without the tool while typing can be done, but just takes a little more effort & time!  Wouldn't wanna do it again tomorrow but glad I know I can do it in the future if I'm ever in a pinch again.So onto Kiggster after a lot of Kangaroo Mama … [Read more...]

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