Traveling The World With Little Passports-World Edition

What child doesn't love traveling or at least pretend that they are traveling the world?!  I know Roo absolutely LOVES maps and is fascinated with looking at maps to find where she needs to go next!  She enjoys going on treasure hunts and letting her self-made maps lead her to her treasures.  Although sometimes she likes to say, "Let me put it in my GPS and see where we go next!"  So she's a little old-school and a little tech-savvy at the same time! Roo gets a lot of exposure from my sister traveling here to the Bay Area from Hong Kong and sees all her suitcases packed along with a passport.  So when Roo got her very first shipment from Little Passports, she was more than ecstatic to find that she got her own passport, suitcase, boarding pass, map and more! We elected to have the World edition of the Little Passports subscription service so that Roo can learn more about other cultures.  The World edition is actually for kids ages 5-10 years old while their USA edition is geared … [Read more...]

Initials, Inc: Personalized Products Review, Online Party & $50 Gift Card Giveaway-Ends 9/24

Have you ever had trouble finding items personalized with your name or a name of someone you're trying to buy a gift for?  Or what about gifts personalized with names but are items that you would never want to spend money on because they are so cheesy looking?  Let me introduce you to Initials, Inc, a company that  specializes in personalized products and gifts.  What's even better than their affordable prices is personalization is always FREE! When I was first sent the link by Tiffany Ahmann, who is a Kangaroo Mama blog fan, teacher of the deaf, independent consultant for Initials and now friend, I was in love!  First of all, I love personalized gifts because it really shows someone you thought about them when you selected the gift and they know it wasn't a re-gift!  What I also love is that I can have Kiggster's name on items when I know I'll never find it pre-personalized in a store!  It's kind of hard to find Rayne … [Read more...]

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