Manners Are Free: Children’s Book Review & Giveaway

Author, Mary Beth Jones, is a grandmother to a 3 year old girl, Aubrey, who the book, Manners Are Free, was written for.  When Aubrey was 3 months old, Mary Beth went to stay with Aubrey for a whole month and at that point, started teaching her about manners and it is still an ongoing process, though now there's 2 of them to teach!  Now there's even little Lorelei to teach manners to!  With each lesson, Mary Beth would always end with the phrase, "Manners are free!"  That phrase is exactly what inspired the title of the book.  The scenarios in the book are based off real life situations and she wanted to start teaching about manners at a young age. Mary Beth stresses that parents are the best role models for their kids because our children will mirror the things that we do.  Parents need to be persistent and the thing that Mary Beth constantly tells parents: repeat, repeat, and repeat the … [Read more...]

Do Moms Get Competitive About Their Kids?!

Shared via Flickr It seems competitiveness doesn't just describe professional working folks and their ambition but maybe even moms and their babies!  Do babies care if the baby next to them is 2 inches taller even though they are a month younger than them?  Do babies talk about how many teeth they have growing and if it's weird that they're coming out in singles rather than pairs?  What about formula vs breastfed, cloth diapers vs disposables, homemade baby food vs jar/can/package/store-bought food, baby-wearing vs stroller, co-sleeping vs crib and tons of other things?!  I highly doubt my 18 month old Kiggster cares a smidgen if Baby X, Y, or Z is eating their broccoli, pooping in the potty, talking up a storm, walking like a pro, or has a full head of Pantene commercial-worthy hair! You can read about Kiggster's lack of hair and interesting haircut here! I actually don't even think Dads care about those things either, at least Honey … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Haircut…Disaster!

  Ok so as you've seen lately, Kiggster's hair has gotten really long and it's totally extended down to her nose!  So we've been thinking about how to trim them, should we go somewhere, should we do it ourselves, what type of scissors (paper, fabric, scrapbook pattern j/k), how much to trim, etc.  Then on Thursday night, right before we were going to give her a bath, we decided to try and sit her down on a stool for her very first haircut!  Well, let's just say she was a little antsy to play, run around and get her bath started.  So haircut mission aborted! Come Friday morning, Kiggster comes over to me with a book while I am in the bathroom so I read her book with her for a little bit.  While we were reading, Honey took that as his opportunity to be Kiggster's personal barber/stylist.  He grabs the scissors sitting nearby that had one broken handle and blunt blades and grabbed a chunk of her hair and tried to snipe it off!  *GASP*  Before I could even tell him it … [Read more...]

Sleep Training: Bootcamp for Parents!

This month is passing by pretty quickly.  Not sure how I feel about that.  We've been trying to sleep train (Honey hates that term, he would rather just say, "teach her to sleep on her own") Kiggster the last couple days.  We originally had switched her crib into a toddler bed so she could climb in and out herself and we wouldn't worry about her jumping out the bed and hurting herself.  However, it doesn't really work for sleeping if they know how to get out and stay out of bed.  She sure loved playing in it though!  So Honey switched her toddler bed back to a crib last Tuesday and we've been trying to help her sleep on her own.  So that means, Mama has to lose her crutch of nursing her to sleep, nursing her in bed, nursing her through the get the point.  Also, this means, not rocking her to sleep, holding her until she falls asleep and all the traditional "no-nos" that Honey and I are both culprits of.   Honey doesn't agree with … [Read more...]

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