Kangaroo Mama’s Birth Story Featured on It’s Jeanette

I forgot to share this when it first was published but never too late right?! It's Jeanette featured a short snippet of Kangaroo Mama's birth story on her blog along with the stories from a couple other moms.  It was a lot of fun being able to write about my birth story again and reminiscing on that day 18 months ago!  I have to say, I had a great experience and wouldn't trade it in or change it in any way!  Below is what I shared with It's Jeannette's readers but you can read everyone's stories here! This was Honey and I slow dancing together (read below) Kathy from www.KangarooMama.com Had a unique birthing experience, med free! Read on: I had a great birthing experience when I had my daughter 18 months ago and that's saying a lot because after we found out I was pregnant, I was freaked out about the birth, the pain, the labor, and the pain relieving options!  I couldn't even stand … [Read more...]

2012 Blogmania: Mommy & Baby Dull Day Makeover Giveaway Packages

The much anticipated 2012 Blogmania has finally arrived!  That means you can now enter the "Mommy & Baby Dull Day Makeover" giveaway prize packages here at Kangaroo Mama and afterwards, hop on over to all the other 50+ participating bloggers to enter their amazing giveaways too at the linky list at the bottom of this posting. The goal was to have $100 in giveaway prizes so you will be entering for some great stuff because many of the bloggers have well exceeded this goal!  All the giveaways will be ending 4/30 so make sure you enter them all before it's too late! The theme of Kangaroo Mama's giveaway packages are "Mommy and Baby Dull Day Makeover" and you can read why I chose that theme for each prize package!  There are 2 prize packages because one is open to participants Worldwide while the other is open only to US/Canada participants! Prize #1: Open to Participants WORLDWIDE I think it's pretty obvious why this prize is … [Read more...]

Nursing Saga Part III- Nursing & Maternity Essentials: HOTmilk Review

HotMilk Sweetheart Nightie So the saga continues...if you haven't had a chance to read the Nursing Saga Part II: Helpful Resources or Nursing Saga Part I: Breastpumps, you can click the links to read them now!  You can't share about nursing and not talk about an essential nursing component...nursing bras and sleepwear!  I have to say, I always had a hard time finding good quality and supportive bras even pre-pregnancy but when I started nursing...it was even worse!  I had gone to different cookie cutter maternity stores and department stores like Nordstroms and Motherhood to try to find nursing gear and quickly realized that there weren't very many options out there.  I bought two bras from Motherhood Maternity and of course I was measured incorrectly in the store and both the bras proved to be super uncomfortable and not very supportive.  One bra stated it was "wireless" but what I realized was it did not say it was … [Read more...]

Gifts for Daddy-to-Be Part 2: DIY Daddy Scrubs

So I previously shared about the Daddy Apron that I made for Honey as a gift to him from Kiggster during our baby shower.  Well, of course, I had to have a gift to him from me!  I saw these Daddy Scrubs online and thought they were a really neat idea!The only problem with them is that they are $40 for a one time use!  I mean, I guess he could use them as PJs after the birth but I probably wouldn't buy $40 PJs in the first place though.  So the frugal gears in my mind started turning.  I decided I was going to have to make my own to save money.  However, if you have to buy scrubs, you may not save much and might be better off buying them directly from Daddy Scrubs.  I had several options for scrubs but I decided buying new was out of the question.  I could look for some at thrift shops (seen some before but Honey's a really small size so they always have those really big ones available) or ask my MIL to see if she had a cheap source.  What I … [Read more...]

Gifts for Daddy-to-Be Part 1: Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Guess what we found cleaning the other day?! A gift that I made for the baby shower to give to Honey. During my pregnancy, I knew I wanted Honey to feel involved and included.  So much of pregnancy and having a baby can revolve around mom-to-be and baby that the husband/dads can feel like an outsider.  Honey was such a huge part of this pregnancy and birth (no not just 'cause he got me pregnant) and he was so involved in all the details of preparing for Kiggster's arrival!  There was no way I wouldn't or couldn't involve him more!  We had a Jack 'n Jill shower (means men and women invited) because I knew we were just as much celebrating me and Kiggster as we were celebrating Honey.  It was just as much of a miracle for him to be welcoming our baby!  I wanted to make the shower special for him too and not just with cutsie onesies or pretty in pink decor but things just for him to open at the shower.  I had 2 gifts for him and in this posting, I will share the one that Kiggster was … [Read more...]

Part 2: Pregnant Mama’s Tips and Tricks

So we previously talked about A Pregnant Mama's Guide to Peace and Preparation, so now this one will be tips and tricks that I learned during prenancy or sometimes sadly, post-pregnancy. When we found out we were expecting and we'd finally announced it to family and friends, there were so many things that came to mind.  People's advice, the money we were going to spend, and how I was going to have enough time to take all the "baby" classes.  But of course, first thing's first...maternity clothes!  I knew I didn't want to be one of those pregnant women who walked around wearing sackclothes and didn't enjoy their new bump.  I ended up wearing some of my pre-pregnancy tops and dresses during the pregnancy since tunics and other bump-friendly styles were everywhere in the stores.  Then, I was fortunate enough to have an awesome sister and mom who took me shopping to enhance my maternity wardrobe.  However, we never once walked into a maternity store during that shopping spree but hit up … [Read more...]

Pregnant Mama’s Guide to Peace & Preparation Part 1

So I mentioned in some earlier postings that I needed lots of stuff during my pregnancy.  But I must say, there are some things that are necessary-some may argue with that but hey, they were for me and that's what matters!  We talked about maternity photos already, you already know that, and we talked about hospital delivery gowns so you're probably thinking, what else could be necessary?!  Well, there are still a few!Let's talk sleep...people kept telling me, get all the sleep you can before the baby comes 'cause after that you won't get any.  Uh, the advice should have been get all the sleep you can before you get pregnant because after that you won't get any!  I had people telling me not to sleep on my right now or my back because that would cut off an arterie and hurt the baby and then sleeping on my tummy-never liked that pre-pregnancy and definitely didn't during!  So that left me with sleeping on my left side only, except everytime I woke up, I was … [Read more...]

Hospital Provided vs Special Delivery Gowns

I did say that this blog besides being about Rayne would be to post reviews on things during pregnancy/motherhood to help other moms out there know from a mom's perspective how things worked  or didn't & other helpful tidbits.  So here's my first review: So another of my "wants/needs" during pregnancy was to wear my own hospital delivery gown during the labor & delivery.  I know there are mixed feelings about these out there but like I've said before, everyone is different and there's no one size fits all for anything.  For some mamas, they don't want or care to spend the money on a new delivery gown if it's gonna get dirty and be tossed after several hours or a 1 day event.  I guess that's how some brides feel about wedding dresses too.  While there are others of us (me definitely included in this category) that would love a new wedding dress that screams us or a hospital delivery gown that doesn't make me feel or look like I just gave birth, even if I did!  I had a lot of … [Read more...]

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