Kangaroo Mama’s Milky Ways: Part I-Breastpumps

I did mention I had no shame previously right?!  I wanted this blog to share about my baby and her growth but also the things that I've learned along the way about motherhood-good and the unexpected, in hopes that it can help another mama or mama-to-be out there.  I think nursing/pumping has been the most challenging and unpredictable aspect of motherhood for me.  I expected no sleep, expected crying, expected to fall in love, expected changes in scheduling, expected money to spill out of our already empty wallets but nursing/pumping was a whole other ballgame!  I do want to separate those two topics though because they are really different and pose different sets of challenges (for me at least).  I'm going to divy out my posting about nursing and pumpng in several parts to keep the post manageable.  I will share from the beginning (how my timeline for things panned out or how I wished they worked out)!Some of the things I purchased during pregnancy … [Read more...]

Peek-a-Boo Tuesday

Wow, it was a really short long weekend!  I can't believe it's Tuesday and I'm back here at work pumping!  Apparently my sister likes to tell her friends all about how I like to P&B (pump & blog) at the same time.  There are a couple things that I've learned through motherhood: 1) to have no shame and 2) to be an extreme multi-tasker...you think any of those skills and characteristics would fly on a job resume?!  It's funny that her friends couldn't believe I could pump & blog at the same time and how I had a handy hands-free tool, only for me to come to work and discover my tool missing from my bag!  Well, I had to put that multi-tasking to the test...pumping without the tool while typing can be done, but just takes a little more effort & time!  Wouldn't wanna do it again tomorrow but glad I know I can do it in the future if I'm ever in a pinch again.So onto Kiggster after a lot of Kangaroo Mama … [Read more...]

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