Traveling The World With Little Passports-World Edition

What child doesn't love traveling or at least pretend that they are traveling the world?!  I know Roo absolutely LOVES maps and is fascinated with looking at maps to find where she needs to go next!  She enjoys going on treasure hunts and letting her self-made maps lead her to her treasures.  Although sometimes she likes to say, "Let me put it in my GPS and see where we go next!"  So she's a little old-school and a little tech-savvy at the same time! Roo gets a lot of exposure from my sister traveling here to the Bay Area from Hong Kong and sees all her suitcases packed along with a passport.  So when Roo got her very first shipment from Little Passports, she was more than ecstatic to find that she got her own passport, suitcase, boarding pass, map and more! We elected to have the World edition of the Little Passports subscription service so that Roo can learn more about other cultures.  The World edition is actually for kids ages 5-10 years old while their USA edition is geared … [Read more...]

Legoland: Every Child’s Dream Come True

I can't believe that summer came and went so quickly!  I am just now getting to post about our 2 week vacation in Southern California and we had such a blast!  I can't wait to share all of it with you! So our first attraction in Southern California was Legoland California and it was our family's very first time there!  I had no idea what to expect and where to go but I was glad that we had friends who were Legoland veterans who could show us around. I'm pretty sure every child, boy or girl, young or the previously young, have owned a Lego set at some point.  We've all played with it, built things, imagined the things we wanted to build with it, stuck a few pieces in places that required tweezers to retrieve (yes my younger sister stuck one up her nose), stepped on some, and more.  But the fun doesn't stop when you grow up, I know quite a few adults who still buy Legos and not just for their kids, but some more advance sets for themselves!  Now who hasn't dreamed of building life-size … [Read more...]

Visitacion Valley Grocery Outlet & 2 $25 Gift Card Giveaway-Ends 5/20

This past Saturday, May 3rd was the grand opening of a much needed grocery store in the Visitacion Valley area.  Grocery Outlet on Bayshore Boulevard opened its doors to the neighborhood with some great festivities.  They gave a pallet of food worth $1000 to the Visitacion Valley Strong Families, offered free coffee, free eco-frugal reusable bags for the first 500 customers, games, prizes, free face painting for the kids, and more! This area has been missing a good grocery store for quite some time.  My grandparents, who have lived in the neighborhood for 4 decades, used to take the bus to Chinatown for all their grocery needs because they couldn't find it close to home.  However, with their age now, they aren't able to take the bus and carry all their groceries back home anymore, therefore Grocery Outlet being blocks away from their house, is something very needed!   When I lived in Visitacion Valley, I would have to drive to all the surrounding neighborhoods to get everything I … [Read more...]

The Christmas Angel Review & Giveaway-Ends 12/15

Wow, I can't believe it's December and I am writing a post that is Christmas related!  Time is flying by too fast.  So for the last 2 years, I have actually been looking into something like the Elf On The Shelf (EOTS), where kids can look forward to finding a surprise in the morning.  However, I never brought myself to make the purchase for one because I didn't like the message/purpose of the EOTS.  I didn't like that the elf was supposed to be Santa's messenger keeping tabs on children and if they were "good" they got gifts and if they were "bad" they didn't get anything.  I wanted Kiggster to behave not for gifts but because she loves and respects us.  Also, I hated thinking that EOTS always seemed to be a naughty elf who was checking up on all the kids but setting a bad example?!  So I was thinking of making the purchase this year but using the doll in my own way. Well, in searching for the right vendor to purchase it from, I came across The Christmas Angel and fell in love! The … [Read more...]

Nuby Wacky Ware Bowl With Lid Review

I love to get things that are not only functional but also fun to look at or play with.  So when I saw the Nuby Wacky Ware bowl , I knew I had to try it out with Kiggster.  Immediately before I could even take the package off and wash the bowl, Kiggster was jumping all over me asking to have the bowl!  We took it for a test spin during Christmas dinner with my family, which sometimes could be the ultimate test because there's always pre-dinner snacks and other things so when dinner comes around, she may not want to eat.  But throughout the night, she actually asked to use her bowl, even asking if her snacks could be put into it.  We received the purple colored bowl and it comes with a tightly fitted lid.  This lid does not have any little plastic or silicone pieces to take apart, which I love!   It just needs to be snapped on tightly to the bowl to ensure that it's leak/spill proof.  When the … [Read more...]

Miessence Sunflower Body Wash Review

I actually was looking for a baby wash for Kiggster that wasn't filled with tons of chemicals or junk and that's how I got to trying Miessence's Sunflower Body Wash.  What I didn't expect was how much I'd love it for me too.  I knew it was something that was meant for the whole family and great for babies as a bath wash product but I am one that is sometimes stuck in her ways and since I already had a ton of body washes, I was just getting it was Kiggster in mind.  I was very wrong!   This bottle actually started out towards the edge of the bathtub because that's where I could reach it best while giving Kiggster a bath.  Well, let's just say, it quickly moved its way up top to where the showerhead is and where all the treasured bath products aka my bath products are kept!  At first I was using it as a bubble bath but I wasn't using very much product because I didn't want to "waste" it since the bottle … [Read more...]

Miessence: DeepGreen Alkalising Superfood Review

Am I the only one that seems to have trouble getting the family to eat enough vegetables?!  It seems no matter what we try Kiggster's first choice foods are noodles, rice, and popcorn and Honey's are chili mangoes and chai tea.  Sometimes we can get a couple bites of veggies in Kiggster and sometimes meat but it's unpredictable when she wants them.  So I needed to look for alternative methods to deliver those veggies in the least painful way possible!  That's when I discovered Miessence's Deep Green Alkalising Superfood. Keeping the correct pH balance in our bodies is vital for ongoing good health.  Failing to keep that balance can result in loss of minerals that results in reduced bone density associated with osteoporosis. A body which is too acidic has been linked to other conditions including athersclerosis, kidney and gallbladder stones and arthritis. Deep Green Alkalising is the solution. Made from the freeze dried juices … [Read more...]

Nuby Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set Review

I love toys that are gender neutral and are multi-functional.  Nuby's Fish Swoosh Bath Time Play Set is a basketball hoop and bath squirts in one.  Plus the colors can be used for both boys and girls, which is great if you have multiple kids or just want to keep it for more than one child.   The fish swoosh bath toy needed some assembly but only just some clicking and snapping together the hoop to the board and it's ready to go.  The suction cups on the toy are nice and strong, wish I could say the same for other suction cup bath toys we own.  It comes with 3 different colored bath squirt fishes and during bath time we love to name the colors of the fish before we have a water fight with them.  Then we cinch up the drawstring at the bottom of the basketball net and we dunk some fishes.  Ok, I like to cinch up the net but Kiggster likes to free the fishes...she thinks I'm trapping them!  The bath squirts float in the water and … [Read more...]

Nuby: Tub Time Turtle Review

Kiggster loves bath times and that might even be an understatement!  So of course, I am always in a state of searching for the next bath toy for her!  That's where I can introduce you to Nuby's Tub Time Turtle.  The tub time turtle can float on his back, bobble around on his tummy, and when you lift him out of the water, he creates a trickling waterfall effect! Kiggster's been having a great time with him in the bath, Tub Time Turtle has a cute little smile on him and little holes scattered strategically throughout his turtle shell.  So when she first lifted turtle from out of the water and saw the water coming out of the shell into the tub, all she could say was... "Wow!"  She made turtle go from the top of the tub and dive down into the water, made him float, and made him sprinkle water on her!  It's a pretty lightweight toy and has tons of places to put her little hands, whether it's cupping it over the shell, holding it … [Read more...]

Miessence: Nourishing Hand Cream Review

With the cold fall and winter weather, my hands are desperately seeking a good hand cream!  Once November hits, my hands get so dry, it starts bleeding at the cracks and I have knuckles that look like I just participated in a boxing match!  Each year, I try tons of different products to see if it will help with my dry, cracking, and even bleeding hands.   But what I noticed with a lot of those products was that they may be too thick and oily making me leave a residue on everything I touch, too thin and doesn't actually help my dry skin, or they wash off the moment my hands touch water.  That's where I'd like to introduce you to Miessence's Nourishing Hand Cream. The Nourishing Hand Cream is an ultra-rich, nourish cream with natural antioxidants that help protect the hands from environmental stress. Organic shea butter and phospholipids keep the hand soft, supple and smooth with a subtle perfume of divine organic rose geranium essential … [Read more...]

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