HUGE Signing Time DVD Sale Ends 6/6: Pre-Order Now

SALE TIME: Signing Time is having a special sale starting June 5th and ending June 6th-yes only 2 days in celebration of their Share Your Story Week (You can read our story here)!  However, you can get the DVDs on sale from me and pre-order them starting now AND get them with some freebies I'm throwing in.  All single DVDs will be sold at $10 each (50% off retail price) and you can also get Potty Time DVD/CD combo for $10 (regularly $24.95 so it's a steal)!  Order now through this form! FREEBIES-ONLY WHEN ORDERING FROM KANGAROO MAMA:  For every 10 DVDs purchased, you will receive a FREE music CD of your choice from the Baby Signing Time collection (it will come in the same DVD case as the corresponding DVD).   If the full collection of Baby Signing Time AND Signing Time Series One and Two are purchased (REGULARLY $579.85), you will receive all the Baby Signing Time music CDs (4 total) for FREE (will come in the same DVD case as the … [Read more...]

Finding Signing Time: Our Story

It's Share Your Story Week at Signing Time with Rachel Coleman.  You can go here to view videos of families from around the world that have shared their stories on how Signing Time has made a meaningful difference in the lives of their children.  You can also share your own story too!  Come and be inspired by others and their journeys as new videos and funny stories will be posted each day! So what's our family's story with sign language and how I came to become a Signing Time Instructor?   Many of you may not know but Honey and I actually have Thalassemia Minor, which is not alarming when an individual has it or even 1 spouse has it.  However, if both spouse have it and want to have children together, their offspring have a 25% chance of getting Thalassemia Major, which could lead to organ damage and many blood transfusions just to stay alive, plus signs of it wouldn't show up until 3 months of life.  So that information made … [Read more...]

Free Signing Time Videos & Chance to Win iPad

How would you like a free Signing Time Video?  How would you like a chance to win an iPad and other great prizes?  What about chances to win those prizes just be downloading the free videos?  Now is your chance: MORE DOWNLOADS = MORE ENTRIES You can enter the contest simply by downloading the free "Welcome to Signing Time" digital video here.  Every person who downloads this video or the free "Baby Signing Time Parent Guide" video will automatically be entered into a random drawing for the iPad Sweepstakes prizes below: Receive additional entries when you download other free videos or buy videos from Signing Time On Demand.  Every $5 you spend on downloads qualifies for an additional entry.  For example, if you purchase a video download for $14.99, that will count as 3 additional entries!  Video downloads can be transferred to an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone.  Plus, you can receive 5% off your purchase when you enter my … [Read more...]

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