SnazzieDrawers $50 Store Credit Giveaway

Welcome to Day 7 of Kangaroo Mama's Housewarming Party Giveaway Week! So for our final giveaway (I know it was supposed to be tomorrow but one of the vendors had to be removed unexpectedly but our other amazing vendors will more than make up for it), you will looooove it! You've heard me rave about them, use them, and buy more from them so I present to you...SnazzieDrawers! SnazzieDrawers offers boutique PDF sewing patterns and tutorials for beginners with step by step instructions on how to make your own flowers, headbands, fascinators, and couture boutique style children's clothing with a touch of vintage inspiration. I do believe I own the whole collection from SnazzieDrawers (although, I might have missed one or two of her recent ones) and I love making stuff from her tutorials.  There are tons of pictures and great descriptions as you're following along.  There are no-sew tutorials listed on her website, which was great for me because I … [Read more...]

Birdsong Bows Hair Accessories Tutorials Review/Giveaway

Welcome to Day 2 of Kangaroo Mama's Housewarming Party Giveaway Week! Are you guys ready for what today's giveaway is?!  It's something that's frequented this blog in the past and you've seen pictures of the things I've made from their tutorials!  Birdsong Bows has awesome tutorials on...yes, bows but also other things like tutus, fabric flowers, totes, and much more!  They are constantly expanding their selection of tutorials so you will never run out of ideas for crafting!  Here's a message from Deanna at Birdsong Bows: I started Birdsong Bows in 2006 when my oldest daughter was set to start kindergarten. I looked for navy bows for her to wear with her school uniform, but the ones I found in stores looked "smashed" and unattractive. I decided to make them myself, and soon discovered that I really enjoyed making bows! I'm originally a journalist and enjoy writing, so in 2010 I combined my love of sewing/crafting and my … [Read more...]

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