Chatty Kathy

So on the same day as Kiggster’s birthday party, there was also a baby shower.  I really wanted to go because our friend was having twins and it’s been something they’ve prayed about and waited for, for a long time!  They’re actually having one boy and one girl, how exciting right?!  Ok, not sure I’d want twins but exciting for them, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a lot of work to say the least.  I made some gifts for them, in the midst of planning Kiggster’s party.  I actually had an easier time coming up with an idea and design for the boy gifts than I did the one for the baby girl!  Weird right?!  Maybe ’cause I don’t know too many people having boys lately that I have a lot of boy gift ideas backlogged in my mind to try!

So for the boy gift, I knew I had to make a onesie for the boy that would be fit for a black tie event!  Hehe, alright maybe not black tie, how about blue elephants appliqué tie…

 Then of course, you can’t just have a tie because what if he’ll fancy a bow tie instead?!

 So of course we made a bow tie and this time with fabric in black with white stars.

What do you think?!  I really liked how they turned out!  I got the fabrics from the San Francisco Sewing and Quilting Collaborative and it was pretty affordable and they have a good selection of quilting fabrics.  For these onesies, I took several tutorials I found online to make my own and of course tried to work off my own memory after reading them.  I think I’ve come to the conclusion that my memory sucks and I really shouldn’t rely on it because I think I could have finished these a lot quicker and sooner if I had someone else’s memory!  Oh well, at least I finished them.  Now I want to go and practice some more.  Anyone having a boy soon?!  Hmmm, they’ve all been girls lately!  Well, making the bows for the girls actually helped me when I was making the bow tie onesie at least.  So now for the baby girl, I couldn’t get Kiggster to model for me.  She either kept pulling it off her head or wouldn’t stop moving all around or trying to take my camera away.  So don’t mind the lack of pictures, none of them came out clear except for one!

 What do you think?!  I’m not always a fan of making pink stuff just because it’s a baby girl but everyone else seems to love it so pink it is.  But I did make it a point to get a printed ribbon with other colors mixed in and not just pink by itself!  I used the Snazzidrawers Starlet tutorial for the main flower, ribbon from Ribbon Retreat, printed elastic from Bitsy Bands, and leftover tulle I had in the house

I was bummed that you can’t see the printed ribbon better but in a way, it has a nice peekaboo effect to it.  I will need to play around some more with this flower to see how to display the ribbons/fabrics better.  Well, that’s it for my DIY bit, now for some updates!

We’ve got a “chatty Kathy” on our hands!  Lately, people who have been around her have made remarks like “wow, she likes to talk,” “she’s quite a talker,” “she’s got quite the lungs,” “that’s pretty high pitched,” or other statements of the like.  The person who said she’s got a high pitched voice actually was listening to her “inside” voice, they hadn’t even heard her when she’s really trying to be loud!  When Honey took her to the zoo earlier this week, she was squealing and making her high pitched noises.  A mom was walking by and was startled when she saw Kiggster.  She said, “Oh, it’s a baby, I thought it was an animal making that noise!”  Hmmm, what animal could she have thought it was…a new species has emerged…a kiggerroo!  But more than that, she now says “Mama” and what sounds like “mine.”  But unrecognizable words include the following: weddo, weo, wiggo, neo…pretty much anything and everything ends with an “o” in her words these days.  It sounds pretty cool actually when you listen to it and she can make a whole sentence using different “words” ending with an “o!”  We think she likes to say “no” except it really just sounds like “neo” but we can’t tell.  She just says it randomly even when we’re not asking her to do anything.  She could be playing with toys or walking around and she’ll be saying “neo, neo, neo.”  Or she could really just be saying “Neo” since Honey did make me watch Matrix while I was pregnant and Kiggster might just be calling for Keanu!  Who knows right?!

I totally can’t believe it’s going to be Thanksgiving already.  I haven’t made her a single Thanksgiving-themed accessory and that’s stressin’ me out!  I want to but I don’t have the right supplies or the right colors!  Now I only have a couple days left, bummer!  I need to get to a thrift shop for some inexpensive plain colored shirts that I don’t feel bad messing around with for her holiday outfits.  I wish I had today off work ’cause I could really use the time to work on some stuff.  Ok, hope you all have an awesome weekend!  Toodles!


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