Chipmunk Cheeks

So I think it’s time for some randomness again but this time on a Friday!  Honey took Kiggster to Golden Gate Park the other week but of course they had to make a pit stop to change her diaper.  So they went into one of the museums to borrow their bathroom.  Then they sat for a little bit inside so she could play on their cool octagon shaped benches…


 Sometimes her face looks slim and tiny and other times it looks like she’s got chipmunk cheeks!


That was slim-faced cutie pie!  Now for the chipmunk cheeks…




A cute chipmunk though!  Her hair has been growing lately but more in a comb-over kinda way.  So the hairs in the back of her head are growing longer while the ones in the front are still kinda short, so the ones in the back “comb-over” to the front part!  I can kinda put a little clip on her hair now and it will stay, but still not too securly!  Oh well, even with hair like an old man’s, she’s still the cutest baby ever!

TGIF Everyone!!!  WoooHooo!!!

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