Christmas Countdown: Day 1

I saw a lot of advent/Christmas countdown calendars out there and I was definitely inspired to make one of my own.  Now that Kiggster is aware and likes participating in things, we thought it would be a great idea to build some new family traditions together.  I made my own calendar but couldn’t finish everything in time for December 1st!  So it’s a work in progress kinda calendar but I’m still a couple days ahead so I should be finished well before Christmas, hehe, cutting it close I know!

Please ignore the crookedly sewn pockets and the wacky lookin’ hand embroidered numbers…these were both my first time doing either of them!  Honey wanted a tree shape and he even helped me outline the shape!  But cutting it was me, that’s why it looks so funny.  Honey’s so awesome and encouraging, he said it gives it that life-like look…right!  It’s still missing the star and the stump, the rest of the numbers…and even our name!  But I’m workin’ on that, maybe by December 25th, you’ll see the whole picture.  I was inspired by this picture that I saw on Pinterest.

On my Pinterest Board

I know, how could my inspirational picture look so different from mine right?!  Don’t laugh, I’m trying.  I wanted something to last us through the years to come but I think I’m going to have to practice my sewing skills and redo another one in the years to come.  It took me forever to sew those pockets on, Honey can attest to that!  Then the hand-embroidered numbers, as you can see I am only at #7 ’cause it is harder than it looks.  The numbers and pockets are supposed to be “straight” but as you can tell, nothing is aligned or symmetrical…but I’m stickin’ with the story that it’s got character!  I used the tutorial from PurlBee when she did her advent calendar for the embroidery tutorial.  It was really helpful ’cause the way I was going to do it, it was going to turn out crazy lookin’!  But despite all the work, it was still really fun to make and come up with ideas.  Since Honey is going through finals and finishing up his project for his class in his Master’s program, I have to keep the activities light and minimal for the next week until he’s done.  What was Day 1?!

We used our edible paints and crayons from Wee Can Too Art supply and went to town on those pictures.  I laid out the options in front of Kiggster and told her to choose one and she went for the snowmen family…


I was hesitant at first to give her the cups of paint and poured some on for her but she didn’t really do anything with it.  After I gave her the cups, she poured it on the paper and the tray and started “painting!”  I just needed to let go of control and allow her to be a kid and have fun.  That was the point of the activity right?!

 Two handed painting!

 Doesn’t it look beautiful!

Her rainbow of colors!


Then I’m not sure why but then she leaned into her tray and started “blowing bubbles” into the paints!  Good thing they’re safe, organic, made out of veggies and fruits AND edible!!!

Then she tore it up!  Good thing I caught some photos!  Honey and I also did one and I used the edible crayons and he used her left over paints from her tray (he didn’t finish his painting)…

So that was Day 1 of the Christmas countdown!  Actually, Kiggster did an oil painting the other day…

I know what you’re thinking, it looks like she’s eating!  Well, she was. It was sloppy joe’s night earlier this week and let’s just say she put new meaning to the name!  She’s been enjoying feeding herself more lately…now chewing and swallowing her food is still a work in progress, but baby steps right?!

Can you tell she’s enjoying this?!

 And even wanting to share, want some?!


This using her pinchers isn’t a new skill but she’s definitely perfecting it!

Oh my, double-dose!

Here’s the oil-painting part!
The oil from the sloppy joe’s seasoning was very fascinating for her and she enjoyed smearing it all over her tray during and after her meal!  So Kiggster is our very own mixed-media artist, using paints, crayons, food, and grease for coloring her canvas!  Cheers to Sloppy Joe’s and messy dinners!

Can you believe we’re counting down to Christmas and looking forward to 2012 already?  Kiggster has her last swim class tomorrow for 2011!  Oh and to help ring in the New Year, you are now lookin’ at (ok not really looking at me right now) the new owner of a pre-owned Nikon D40!  Woot Woot!  I’m excited to get down and dirty, to the nitty gritty with this camera!  Not so excited about the man-bag though but I think a new camera bag is on my wishlist for 2012, wanna see how my dream bag looks like?!  It’s so cute they only stock once a week and sell out within seconds of release.  They don’t even look like camera bags but totally are and this is my pick, but pretty much all of them are cute…

My soon-to-be Backgammon Ketti Bag



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