Cirque Dreams Holidaze In San Francisco Until 12/15

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When I first heard about Cirque Dreams Holidaze, I wasn’t sure what to expect but watching their preview video clip (watch it at the bottom of this post) gave me some idea.  The show is intended for audiences of all ages, children included and so once I saw that, I knew I wanted to bring Kiggster with me for her very first theater experience!  She is 3 years old and most shows at the theater don’t allow them in until around 5 so I jumped on the opportunity to take her on a date with me.  We headed for the Curran Theater on Wednesday evening for the opening night and started our adventure.

The show was non-stop action from the time the curtains opened to the end, except for the short intermission in between.  I loved that the acrobatic performances were all set to a theme with a coordinating holiday song.  Each performance, there were about 20+, was different from the next and even while there were main performers, there was tons of activity going on around the main performers.  Which was a distraction sometimes but also sometimes added to the show.  The three main singers that performed all the songs in the show had amazing voices and made such a huge difference in the show versus if they just did recorded or instrumental music.

Reindeer Soaring

Looking at the show from a 3 year old toddler’s eyes, this was a great first theater experience because there was so much loud music and activity going on that I don’t think anyone heard her loudly saying things throughout the show like, “What are they doing Mama?” “How did they do that?” or “Is he juggling?”  Her eyes were on the show almost the whole time and she definitely loved appearances from Santa.

Cookies Flipping

Kiggster’s favorite performances throughout the show were the gingerbread boys that were flipping in the air and doing some crazy tricks, the amazingly quick costume changer (I swear she changed outfits over 20 times in like mere minutes), the juggler, and the wobbly penguin!  I just remember sitting the whole time watching the show and thinking, “Wow that would really hurt if he/she/they weren’t on top of their game tonight!”  I couldn’t believe the things that they would do and how it’s humanly possible to spin, bend, flex, and “fly” in those ways.  It was actually even cool seeing the wobbly penguin perform even if his performance did not go without a few hitches.  He was supposed to balance on a number of cylinders on top of a board.  I think he got up to about 7 items and that’s when he couldn’t keep it balanced with him on top of it.  I swear my heart stopped when I saw the items buckle from underneath him, it looked so high off the ground but he caught himself from falling.  It took him 3 attempts before he finally was able to keep balanced on top of them but the audience was super supportive and he was persistent.  I have a new found appreciation for these performers knowing that these tricks are not even easy for them every time!


I do have to say, there were moments in the show that confused me.  One was during the ice princesses’ show when someone wearing a huge moon head with a creepy looking face came onto the stage.  That caught Kiggster’s attention because she thought the moon would climb up the Christmas tree, which it did but only half way, then it stopped to watch the ice princesses perform.  Throughout that performance we kept thinking the moon would play a more pertinent role and maybe was going to light up at the end of the performance but right before it was over, the moon climbed back down the tree and crept away.  Kiggster said, “Mama, the moon didn’t finish climbing up the tree!”  I thought the exact same thing and was confused on why the moon showed up at all!  Then at the end of the show, there was an aerial performance set to the song “O Holy Night” and it started out with one male performer, who for awhile I thought was supposed to be portraying Jesus…until another female performer came out and they shared several “kissing”scenarios and I knew it couldn’t be Jesus but I didn’t know who they were portraying.  The performance was still amazing and beautiful to watch but I felt the theme of the song wasn’t really a good fit for that performance.  I realized when I looked at the playbill at home that the aerial performers were supposed to portray flying angels.

Nonetheless, those were just tiny details in an amazing 2 hour show!  Cirque Dreams Holidaze should definitely be on your list of activities to go to this holiday season, especially as a family outing.  However, go quickly to buy your tickets because the show is only running from December 11th-15th and then it’s gone!  You can buy tickets here.  Or you can visit the SHN website or Facebook page to check out their other shows and to keep updated.   Hope you all enjoy the show as much as we did and Happy Holidays!


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