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It’s no secret that I love shopping, especially with online shopping where I can find coupon codes for just about every purchase I make!  I usually just Google for coupon codes and then try out all the codes for the site that I am making a purchase for.  Many of the times, they are failed attempts because people either post expired, invalid, or just make up codes.  Then I found out about and saw that they are not only a site for finding coupon codes but they also have a Pays-2-Share program.

Through the Pay-2-Share program, people like you and I can upload coupon codes into the Coupon Chief system for their participating online sites.  Then when someone successfully uses the coupon code we uploaded, we get 2% of the sales.  Once our Pay-2-Share account has reached $25, then Coupon Chief will either issue a check or send money through Paypal!  I’ve never gotten paid to share coupons before from other sites so Coupon Chief definitely has a great incentive program going here.  Plus, I also think this program could even potentially help decrease the amount of “fake” or invalid coupon codes that people like to upload onto other coupon code sites.

Coupon Chief’s site is very easy to navigate and even has all their participating stores listed and searchable by alphabetical order making it really easy to find what you want or even find new stores to shop at!  I think I might even have some coupon codes I can upload that I don’t already see on the site yet, I can’t wait to share them and start earning with their program!  I also see some coupon codes for that I would like to use for my next purchase!

So what do you think, aren’t you excited to start earning money just for sharing with others for their purchases?


Kangaroo Mama was compensated for this posting but all opinions and statements were 100% my own.


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