Cry Trigger

So my brother, Jason, always says that Kiggy cries everytime he carries her.  Well, Jason, you’re not alone and there’s someone even worse than you!  Can you guess who?!  Well, it’s Kiggy’s Kow Gong (Chinese for Great-Uncle)!  Man, he’s worse than the boogey monster.  It was like he knew exactly where her cry button was and he wouldn’t stop pushing it!  She did fine with all his kids, and then he went in to try to hold her and she started crying.  Then it just got hysterical as he held her longer.  He took some awesome photos of her before she cried but all the while saying, “Rayne, Rayne, Rayne, look here my dear, Rayne, Rayne, Rayne, …” It was kinda like a really annoying broken record, haha.  I guess I would cry too.  Then over the course of about 4 hours that afternoon, he kept testing the theory because he was convinced that she was just tired and it wasn’t him.  He probably tried over a dozen times picking her up and this is all I have to show for it…

At least 1 of us is happy…

How dare you try to kiss me!

She was totally fine and even playing with everyone else but things just kept going downhill for her Kow Gong.  Even when he wasn’t holding her, but she noticed him getting closer she would cry.  Then she would stop when he started walking away, cry when he started getting closer, stop when he walked away.  That cycle repeated itself many times because once again he was convinced that it couldn’t be him because kids love him! Right! I think I will have to make the executive decision that he’s not allowed to go near her again.  We still love you Kow Gong but it’s you!  Below is some more proof if you need more convincing…

Mocking me doesn’t help!
It just makes me more upset!


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  1. Okay Mrs. K. Lisam, no more bring camera to your house again. dtm

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