Crying over Spilled Milk

“No use crying over spilled milk”

Whoever came up with that obviously was referring to cow’s milk and not mommy’s milk ’cause seriously I’d cry over it!  This morning, my honey and I realized that I’d forgotten to transfer some of the older milk in the fridge to the freezer.  Since we couldn’t be sure they were good anymore, he had to do the taste test (it’s not as gross or wierd as it sounds) because we weren’t about to feed it to the Kiggster not knowing if it was spoiled or not!  Well, one bag he described to taste like curry and the other two like cheese…uh neither are good for describing it!  So we had to throw away close to 13oz of precious milk . . . that’s like a whole day of pumping for me!  That stuff is like liquid gold-worth more than what money can buy, I would definitely cry over having to dump it out!  Then to make matters worse, this morning I could only eek out about 5oz when normally I can get around 7oz.  Not a good start of the day.  Either it was stress from seeing the milk go to waste this morning or also because I’ve been sick.  I thought I read somewhere that when you’re sick, you produce less?!  I’ve been trying to stay really hydrated but I guess not enough.  So the lesson of the day is: Always check your milk inventory and make sure to transfer them at the end of each work week to prevent what happened this morning to ever happen again!  I am pretty sure it won’t ever happen again-it better not!!!


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