Cute-Face Playdate

So who knew at such a young age, kids already know how to respond to things like “Cute Face?!”  Well, at the young age of 9 months, Baby Bella, certainly understands!  So everytime her mom, Caitlyn, says “Bella, Cute Face” she tilts her head to the side and flashes you this super cute smile, exposing her front teeth!  This is also the same Bella that exposed the Kiggster to Jenny Jump Up and the Rainforest Jumperoo!  I’m sure Kiggster will be learning to work her flirtiness soon after a couple more playdates with Bella! 

Aren’t Kiggster and Bella super cute together?!  What’s important is that they both have the same amount of hair and I won’t keep wondering why my baby is still “bald!” 


The 2 pictures above were taken on 2 separate play dates but they both like to wear pretty much the same colors each time (Kiggster in some form of pink and Bella in her gray and white)!  They love their high fives and hugs!  Bella’s been crawlin’ and scootin’ all over the place, only a matter of time till Kiggster will learn from Bella and start crawlin’ all over the place herself! 

That’s the look of one satisfied playdate participant!
Since it’s Random Wednesday today, here’s another randomness topic…
Sideways Pianist:

Yeah, we have a talented little pianist on our hands!  Kiggster not only plays with her hands, but her feet too!  Last week, we decided to play piano together but she didn’t want to sit up straight but instead wanted to lie sideways!  Then she proceeded to lift up her feet and start pressing on the keys with her toes.  Notice how she’s not just banging on the keys with her whole foot but delicately with her toes…almost seems like a new skill. 


Then she wanted to play with both her fingers and toes together.  She’s a multi-talented pianist (is that even a real term?!)!  One day you might see her in concert playing on stage…laying on her side on a piano bench playing with both her hands and feet!


Here’s just some cute randoms for your viewing pleasure…


Hopefully tonight I can download some of the pictures and videos from this weekend-they’re super duper cute!!!  Ok, everything Kiggster related is super cute so just stay tuned…

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