Cutie-Pie in the Sky

Wow, I’m having total blog withdrawals.  It’s almost been 1 week since I’ve been on here! 

I have to share about Honey first!  He’s too awesome to keep a secret.  So since it’s summer break from his USF Master’s program, he’s been volunteering to teach a class at a youth program called BayCat.  He’s been teaching them Android programming and the kids have been making their own Android phone apps.  He had one of the USF professors speak to the kids yesterday and the professor blogged about it!  Today is his final class with the kids and on Thursday, they’ll be having their Open House to show parents all the projects that have been worked on this summer!  Can you believe that middle-school kids can do such amazing things when the time is spent to nuture those skills?!  Go Honey!!!

So the LA trip was pretty hectic but fun.  Kiggster did really well on the flight to LA (good thing it was only 1 hour).  So Honey sat window and I sat in the middle seat, leaving the aisle seat open for whoever wanted to sit next to us.  We knew we would have someone sitting with us ’cause the flight was completely sold out.  Well, let’s just say our seat was the last to be filled…you think seeing Kiggster in our arms had something to do with it?  The guy came up next to us and asked if he could sit next to us…sure if you don’t mind sitting next to Kiggster!  He was totally cool about it and Kiggster was napping but woke up the moment the plane was ready to take off.  The lady across the aisle enjoyed playing peek-a-boo with her and thought she was the cutest thing!  Kiggster totally enjoyed being on the plane, feeling it take off and looking out the window.  She didn’t seem to have any trouble with the whole ears popping thing or if she did, she didn’t show it!  Honey doesn’t like to break the rules so we don’t really have pictures from the take-off/landing because according to him, the flight attendant already announced for all electronic devices to be turned off!  *sigh*  I’m just too much of a rebel for him!  I was holding her some of the flight and in the beginning when we got our drinks, Kiggster decides that she wants some too!  But the cup just tips over instead and I end up with an icy cold drink all over me.  Now, how Kiggster ends up completely dry while I’m sopping wet everywhere confuses me.  She’s sitting on top of me too but both my legs and butt are wet…and icy cold throughout the whole 1 hour flight!  That was quite a treat!!!  Her and Honey had a fun flight though…I was a little uncomfortable in my wet clothes!

Daddy & I standing in line for the ticket counter!


 Is it our turn to check-in yet? It’s Go Time!
 I helped check us and our bags in! (Psst: Mommy’s diaper bag weighs 10lbs, seriously!)
Call security, Mommy is messin’ w/me again!
At the security check point…beware of the  baby terrorist!
Family photo-op at SFO! What’s Kiggster doing?!

A pre-take-off cat nap!

I’m up! Where are we?!
Papa, I don’t think we’re in Kansas SF anymore! 

Wow, this is an airplane?!
OOOOH, I can see outside!


It’s play time!
I feel something moving! Blast Off!!!

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky. 
Think about it every night & day, spread my wings and fly away… 
Can’t you just hear R. Kelly’s song playing in the background?!

OMG! Look who came out of the baggage carousel! 
Aren’t you guys gonna check me back out?! 


Pretty please?! Take me with you!

On the flight back to SF, Kiggster actually still did well for the hour it was (8pm departure and ~9:30pm arrival) but she was definitely tired.  Once again, the flight was booked so we had another neighbor.  Whenever Kiggster is tired but can’t sleep, she gets extra hyper, which means extra loud.  She was laughing a lot and giggling during the flight, but pretty loudly.  Then the last couple minutes of the flight, when we were going to land, she was overly tired and got a little whiny then but was so good the rest of the flight.  We heard some people in the nearby seats say that she was loud but at least it was laughing and they’d rather a laughing baby than a crying one!  She kept pulling on the shirt of the guy next to us wanting him to carry her.  When he didn’t but just kept smiling at her, she stuck out her lower lip and totally pouted giving him the puppy-eyed look!  Crazy, she’s done that look before but randomly and not purposely.  Not sure if this time was a coincidence or on purpose but it was totally cute!

We’ll have to share about the whole trip starting tomorrow but that was her very first flight and I’d have to say it was pretty successful!  Here’s a sneak peak for tomorrow…

I’m predicting Rayne-bows on a sunny day!

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