Daddi-Day Delight!

So this past weekend was Father’s Day, yup, Honey’s very 1st Daddi-Day!  We decided that we would head to Yan-Yan’s Garden first on Saturday morning before going out (we realized that we also did that on Mother’s Day) so on Friday, we had to pick up some gardening stuff from Sloat Garden.  We picked up a trellis that we thought would be the perfect size…only to realize it was too big to fit in the Corolla by like an inch or two.  Doh, so we had to put it on hold at the store and Honey went back to pick it up the next morning.  Saturday morning, we pulled lotsa weeds (those things are crazy and grow everywhere) first, then started transplanting.  We had started from seeds at home some Chard, Snap Peas and Summer Squash that have now started sprouting so it was a good time to transfer them to the garden plot.  Honey was awesome with the trellis since it was still too tall for the plants to reach, he used string and sticks to help them find a place to climb once they started growing bigger.  Our tomato and strawberry plants have totally flourished and I can’t wait to start picking some to eat!!!

Here’s 1 of our strawberry babies!
Can you see the tiny strawberry growing?!
Here’s our newly flourishing garden!
Tomatoes & strawberries all in a row

So you’re probably wondering what happened to the previously orphaned but now newly adopted by us pumpkin/winters squashes?!  Well, we still don’t know what they are except that we’re 89% sure they’re a winter squash or pumpkin!  They’re doing pretty good but soon will be outgrowing those pots and needing a bigger home…

Kiggster was enjoying a nice juicy plum under the apple tree!


She was trying to smile while sucking on the plum-hence the squinty eyes!
She’s looking down b/c that’s where the plum is!

Ok, plum’s back!

After the garden, we were heading out to Fisherman’s Wharf because we had free tickets to tour SS Jeremiah…Honey loves them military ships!  Well, online they said they were open until 6pm but when we got there…

Apparently, they close at 4 and we had just missed it!  So there Honey is looking longingly at the ship!  So close…yet so far!


 Awww, still so happy despite missing the tour!

But Daddi, didn’t you see something else on the way over to SS Jeremiah?!


Which way was it?! Arcades!  Not just any arcades but an arcade museum with some old school machines.  Games that cost only a quarter!  He loved it and was so excited because he hadn’t played some of these games in a loooong time!


 Look how happy he looks!

Hmm, what game is Daddi gonna play next?!  He’s really worked up about these games! For a quarter, he can play as many as he wants!

 Well, after Honey played his games for a quarter each, I thought, that’s cheap, I’ll play a game too.  I don’t remember playing arcade games before, so I picked Ms. Pak Man!  Well, guess what, it was 50 cents for my 1 game!!!  Honey says, I just know expensive without looking at the price…I guess I can sniff out expensive stuff!

 Mama, what is high maintenance & expensive taste?!  That’s what Daddi says about you!

 Is it my turn to play an arcade game too?!  Me, me, me!!!!

They also had these hilarious antique games at the museum, “What do your friends call you behind your back” and the “Kiss-O-Meter!”  They both had the same set of possible answers…so what would it say about you?!


So now that Kiggster sits in her actual stroller seat and has a new carseat, it seems when she falls asleep, her head lays near her elbows!  We tried rolling up stuff to prop her head but it just wasn’t really working.  I found this thing called Baby Elephant Ears and they’re supposed to promote spine and neck alignment!  So far it’s been really helping her in the stroller and carseat when she falls asleep…actually even before she falls asleep!  Here she is trying them out for the first time…

So after the arcades, we took a little walk but then it started getting really chilly.  So of course, high-maintenance Mama noticed that Kiggster’s little hoodie just wasn’t cuttin’ it!  She needed something extra…

Yup, a warm and cozy panda hat!  She would have been a penguin too but it was more expensive…Mama’s frugal in some ways!  She looked totally cute with her panda hat and elephant ears-she’s a hybrid!  We went to eat dinner at Cioppino’s that night because there was a deal on Plum district for 50% off!  We just love saying the restaurant name (Chip-een-o)!  Here’s us enjoying ourselves at the restaurant…

That’s my bread monster chompin’ away!

When she woke up, it was photo-op time!  Of course!

Don’t you love that huge bib on her?! They gave it to people who ordered the cioppino dish and we gave it to Kiggster instead.  You think I should have asked for extras so I could use them at home for her meal time?!  She was very entertained with a bread basket full of butter packets.  However, she ended up dropping a lot of them on the floor.  The waiter was so sweet, he saw that she enjoyed playing with them and by the end of our meal, we had about 15 butter packets and he gave us 6 to take home! I guess he was thinking she could have a new toy?!  It was time to retire home after that!

The next morning-the actual day of Daddi’s Day, we had gifts!  The card was from Mama and the present was from Kiggster…


Here’s Mama’s card to Daddi.  Yup, it was a 3D card-2 pictures, 1 card!  Pretty cool huh?!  On the back was a scripture from Ecclesiastes 4 “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.  If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.”  He is the most awesome and supportive partner, husband, father, and friend!  

Now for Kiggster’s present…

A for Anakin
E for Ewok

A Star Wars ABC book for Daddi/Kiggster storytime!  

Ohhhh, crinkly wrapping paper!

Now it’s time for play!

 Of course mamarazzi can’t resist taking these photos…



Does this bow make my head look big?!


 Mama, the bow is attacking me!!!!

So it’s Wednesday and she’s still playing with the gold crinkly wrapping paper and bow!  I love cheap entertaining toys!!!  Well, that was our Daddi Day, hope you had fun with us!

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