Dairy Mooo-Cows

So we left off at Willow Creek – BigFoot sightings!  So before checking out of our cottage, we headed over to the cottage garden to pick some garden fresh produce for the road…


I think that was Kiggster enjoying a fresh snap pea off the vine!  Here’s our “harvest:”

Some basil, sage, dill, chives, green tomatoes, snap peas, and that yellow thing was supposed to be a lemon cucumber.  We’d never seen one before and didn’t know how they were supposed to look. Well, comes to find out, that yellow looking lemon cucumber is overly ripe, left on the vine for way too long so it’s old already.  They’re usually tiny and pale green color!  Oh well, we tried!

So next on the list was Trinidad-beach town, which means fog!  It was a short drive to Trinidad, so that meant we could make a stop in between and not worry about timing.  That was good ’cause that meant a we could do a Vista Point stop!


Kiggster was sleeping so we didn’t want to wake her up for a short picture.  After that, we hit the road again towards Trinidad.  We got into town when there was still plenty of light out.  The good part was that there wasn’t any fog which was great!  So we hit the beach to catch some waves and sand!


Us chillin’ out at the beach before Honey took Kiggster out to enjoy the waves…

 Pre-waves photo-op!

 Them taking a dip in the water!


Then Honey realized how cold the water was and they came running back!  At least they got their feet wet!  Then he kept debating whether or not he should go back into the water and swim since it was so nice out.  Well, if you really want to Honey!

Kiggster watching Daddy ponder over his decision!

 He had to sych himself up for it so he did a couple warm up laps on the sand before hitting the water!

 Almost in…

 Nope!  Didn’t make it all the way in!

Silly Daddy, just come play in the sand w/me!

Then later we headed over to the lighthouse but by then Kiggster had already fallen into a slumber!



After dinner, we headed back to our Trinidad Inn room.  I had wanted 1 King bed but instead we got 2 double beds because the king bed room already got booked.  So we rearranged some furniture to get a deluxe XL King bed instead!  When I booked the room, I had no pictures or reviews to base off of-just $, so we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Surprised to say, the room wasn’t too bad!  It wasn’t the baddest Jenny on the block but it had a full kitchen, a pretty spacious room and it had a cute cottage feel to it even though you could tell the rooms were a little older. 

So the next day, we were booked to be at Mendocino-Elk at this bed and breakfast called SandPiper House Inn.  But before heading there, we decided to stop at my favorite…a cheese factory!  It was in this tiny town called Loleta and I think the cheese factory was all that was in that town, that’s what it felt like.  But there was lots of cheese to sample.  Not a lot of variety of cheeses but different flavors of 2 types of cheese: Monterey Jack and Cheddar Cheese. 



You see that huge vat of cheese behind us?  They make about 7K pounds of cheese in a DAY!  Kiggster has her infamous sleepy face pout-just woke up from a nap!  But mama is hungry for some cheese.  They had bowls of samples out for each flavor of cheese.  They had smoked salmon, habanero, green chili, jalapeno, garden, herb, salami, aged, etc.  I think at least 20 different flavors.  I am proud to say, I tried every single one…and some of them multiple times!  After we paid, Honey said, “I think you got like a 30% discount on our purchase!” Huh?!  What do you mean?!  “You tried like more than 1/2 a block of cheese worth of samples in there.  Aren’t you sick from so much cheese?!”  NEVER, I wanted more!  hehehe, how am I supposed to know which flavor to buy if I don’t try them all out?!  While at the cheese factory, we saw a flyer for the Humboldt County Fair that was starting that exact same day, so we had to inquire for more information.  We found out that it was free for everyone since it was the first day!  YEAH!  We hadn’t been to a fair for so long-we love fairs!  You get to see very interesting stuff at the fairs…


The cattle women barn had everything beef related in there and even a bumper sticker that said “Eat Beef: The west wasn’t won on salad!”  Sweet!


Then in the Bo Peep Barn, it was sheep heaven, lots of wool from all kinds of sheep.  They also had lamb related stickers that say things like “I Lamb Ewe” and other clever “lamb jokes!”  Then we were headed for the actual barns to see some real animals…


Honey loves petting the animals and that one there is a 3 day old calf called Miley-just a baby!!!  Well, it looks huge, can’t imagine birthing a calf that size-good thing Kiggster was her 6 lbs 1.5 oz self!  Then I saw a dairy cow (there were A LOT of them lined up) and she was leaking milk-poor thing!  I told the owner that the poor cow was overflowing and she said that they were in line and they should be able to hook them up in like 30 minutes!  30 minutes, I’d explode by then but hey, I’m not a cow, though sometimes I do feel like a dairy cow.  Hook me on up to the pump…

Yup, those are dairy cows getting hooked up to the milk machines-poor things, I feel their pain!  It was funny because there was one dairy cow that just wasn’t havin’ it…

You go girl, don’t let them make you do what you don’t wanna do!  So this little girl kept trying to put this cow in to get hooked up and she couldn’t get her to budge!  They had to call in reinforcements!  Then we went to listen to some music by a band called Kitchen-aires (I think that’s what they were called)…


It was super cute-all these older people playing some oldies with their homemade instruments.  I don’t know if you can tell but there are tea kettles, funnels, cheese graters, wooden rolling pin, and other interesting kitchen tools that they’ve converted into instruments!

Even Kiggster was enjoying the music-it was pretty fun listening to Frank Sinatra played through a rolling pin!  However, that wasn’t the most interesting thing we saw at the fair…

So I know the picture only makes it look like a little parrot but trust me it was interesting.  So this was just someone attending the fair.  She had a stroller (one of those 3-wheel jogging strollers-nice one too) with a clear rain cover over it.  Then she took her bird off her shoulder and proceeded to put a leash on it!  That’s what you’re seeing in this photo is her putting a bird “vest” on the bird that has a really long lanyard attached to it that she uses as a leash.  Then she put the bird inside the stroller with the lanyard hanging out so she can remain in control of the bird.  This stroller was filled with bird toys and comfortably lined with blankets to make a “bird nest” out of the blankets.  Crazy right?!  And people said I was crazy for having a huge diaper bag and taking around too much stuff-at least mine is all for the Kiggster.  I don’t feel bad anymore for my overpacking!  Well, before we knew it, it was time to head off again.  It was late afternoon and we still had a 3 hour drive ahead of us…or at least that’s what we thought!  More on our crazy adventure tomorrow, hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunshine and heat in SF!  I get to be in the dungeon (work) enjoying flourescent lighting and uninspiring gray cubicle walls!  Can’t wait to go home and see Honey and Kiggster soon!


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