Day of Rest

So every weekend since we’ve had the Kiggster, my Honey and I like to carve out time to spend together as a family…really it’s more like as a couple ’cause she can’t enjoy a lot of the stuff yet.  But what the heck, we’re together as a family though right?!  It just happens that we hang out mostly on Sundays after church together so we call it our Sabbath Days, which is really what it is anyways right-day of rest!  So this past Sunday, we went to the Conservatory of Flowers for the first time as a family (I think once again it was all of our first times there too).  I shouldn’t tell you guys this but we got the tickets for free from the library!  Shhh, they give out limited tickets to different things around the city each week for families-score! 
We do lots of brown bag picnics these days but we make sure that we pick awesome spots to sit at while we eat.  Who said being on a budget meant sitting in a drabby corner with homemade tasteless lunches?!  If it’s raining outside, we go inside 4 star hotels and eat, but we love it when it’s sunny outside ’cause we can sit at the park, beach, everywhere!  Here Kiggster is all ready to experience the Conservatory of Flowers…

Then not too long after that photo, at the end of our picnic…

Yep, that was her sleeping with her bib plastered to her face!  The rest of the trip was very memorable for the Kiggster and obviously comfortable enough for her to do this throughout the rest of the visit…

I think she slept so well cause it was hot and humid inside the conservatory of flowers-like we were in the tropics so she was kept at a nice and toasty temperature (the layers helped too)!  The both of us had a blast though while she was sleeping.  Kiggy while you were sleeping, this is what you missed…

Hungry for citrus anyone?
Neat looking “Buddha Hands”

Yes, we did sneak in some photos.

A little Honey to go with the flowers


So one last photo of Rayne of course as we’re heading out of the Conservatory of Flowers and nothing has changed for her…

I promise this is not the same photo as earlier!

I’m looking forward to our day of rest this week-Honey, I hope you’re able to finish your project early!!!!


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