“Dear Santa, I Was Framed” 2012 Holiday Photo Contest Judging Criteria

Shhhh, you've found the secret judge's corner! =P Just kidding! It's no secret, we want you all to have the same fair chance to win!  After photos have been submitted to the InLinkz tool, Kangaroo Mama (me) will pin them onto Pinterest and those will be the boards that the judges will go to score the photos. Below you will find the Pinterest Boards for all 4 photo categories, where you can view and follow the boards and feel free to re-pin the photos you like:

  1. Blessing 
  2. Grinch 
  3. Love 
  4. Feast

So below are the 3 judging criteria used for all 4 photo categories.  

  • Creativity Score Score between 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

In the creativity score, we are looking for photos where you know the photographer thought outside of the box to get that shot.  It can be either something that made us think, laugh, smile, think you're crazy, wonder how you did it, give us the "Wow I didn't think of that" feeling, etc.  Basically we are looking for the WOW! factor in the photo but just have fun with it!

  • Relevance To Theme Score Score Between 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest

So as much as we'd love for you to be super duper think-outside-the-box creative, we'd still like it to be somewhat relevant to the theme the photo is being submitted into!  Does it effectively tell the story of the photo category the photo was submitted into (Blessings, Grinch, Love, Feast)?  

  • Photo Quality Score Score between 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

No, you don't have to be a master photographer to be in this photo contest but we would also like to not see super blurry photos (unless there is a creative aspect to it), majorly pixelated photos that won't even look good printed on a wallet size, etc.  If you look at the picture and even have a tiny bit of doubt about whether it's your eyes or the computer screen making things look fuzzy, you probably should take a new one just in case!

So you're probably wondering who the judges are!!!  You could try to go kiss some booty but there's 8 of them so you better have a lot of kisses to go around: 

  1. Mee-Mee @ One Skinny Cookie 
  2. Caitlyn @ Just Move! Personal Training (San Francisco Bay Area based)
  3. Isis @ Bay Area Mommy
  4. Angie @  Little Inspirations
  5. April @ Krazy Klippers
  6. Nicole @ MamaNYC
  7. Dawn @ Leroy Lime
  8. Heidi @ Mama Nibbles

Make sure you read the official Holiday Contest Rules before starting and you can see them here!

To go back to the main Photo Contest page and to find the submission page links for all 4 photo categories, go here.

To see the prizes up for grabs and the sponsors behind them, go here.

For the Giveaway Tools widget (required for the contest), go here.


The judges above received NO compensation for participating in this contest.  They are doing this for the shear fun of it, kindness of their heart, to see some of your beautiful masterpieces, and so they get a say in who the winners will be!  So go ahead, visit them and show them some love!


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