DIY Fuzzy Bunny & Chick Easter Egg Shaker Craft


Easter Egg Shaker

So I saw this totally cute Easter Egg craft in the Parents Magazine and knew I had to make a version of it for Kiggster.  It's a Fuzzy Bunny & Chick Easter Egg!  What I didn't want to do was to to use a real egg, which I felt was too much work and too fragile if I used an empty eggshell or too wasteful if I used a hardboiled egg.  I decided to use an old plastic egg instead and since I was using the plastic version, I decided to make them into egg shakers!  I love musical instruments for Kiggster so I thought it was perfect to have an Easter instrument for her that may or may not withstand her rough housing past Spring time!  This craft is great to use up all that left over yarn and scrap pieces of felt laying around the house.  This is also fun to give away to your child's classmates and present them all in an egg carton!  

I won't reinvent the wheel so I'm gonna let you watch the video that Parents Magazine put together showing some of the basic steps of the craft and in the written instructions below, I will fill in with what I changed.



  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Beans or Rice or Beads
  • Scortch Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Sticker Eyes or use white & black felt or white felt w/black marker
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pom Pom (Optional for the Bunny Tail)

Easter Egg Shaker Photos


  1. Fill the plastic egg with some rice, beans, or beads.  They all create a different sound so you can try to see which sound you like best and with the amount, but I think my favorite were the red kidney beans.  
  2. Close up the egg with some scotch tape, I wrapped it twice.  You could even use hot glue too.
  3. Take the double sided tape and put 4 pieces vertically around the egg. You could put more tape and cover the whole egg if you'd like to make sure the yarn doesn't go anywhere.
  4. The Parents' video below shows the person wrapping the yarn around the egg with no particular method, almost kind of messy but I only wrapped yarn around the egg starting from the bottom all the way to the top once.  I tested out the craft making a bunny first and since I didn't have any white Easter eggs, I used a pink one instead. I didn't feel the need to wrap more than once since it still covered the pink egg pretty nicely.  
  5. Then I hot glued the eyes on the egg.
  6. I cut a pink triangle for the nose, pink and white for the ears, and white for the feet from felt for the bunny.  I cut a orange triangle for the beak and orange feet for the little chick. 
  7. I used a white pom pom for the cotton tail on the bunny but that's optional.

Hope your kids will enjoy shaking things up this Easter 'cause Kiggster certainly does!

Easter Egg Shaker Craft

You can watch the original Parents magazine tutorial here:


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