Don’t Say Goodbye My Sister, My BFF

I have been a bit MIA lately, there has been a lot going on and I've been trying to take some time to process them but they just keep on comin'!  From my mom getting hit with an ER visit, to Honey getting laid off, illnesses, and my sister's upcoming move to Hong Kong.  Though I have to say, even though they are all equally stressful, it's been pretty hard thinking about my sister, one of my BFFs, moving across the world without me.  That's made me super emotional and actually depressed.  Darn Tina, why do you have to make me cry almost every night!  Just when I thought we were going to get more time together since she stopped working at her last job that had her living 2 lives, one in Hong Kong and one here in the States, then she hits me with the news that she's moving.  Actually, I guessed she was interviewing and asked her if that was true and she confirmed my fears!

My sister and I shared a room forever growing up, spent late nights talking (she'll say I fell asleep on her a lot), fought over who had the "bigger" half of the closet (she did), shared clothes, played phone pranks on each others' friends because we sounded exactly alike, covered for each others "lies," went crazy on our shopping sprees together, fought for shotgun seat (we can get crazy just for the sake of winning), and made up within 5 minutes of fighting because it is too hard to not tell each other everything right away!  Tina and I have this love hate relationship where we know exactly how to push each other's buttons but we also know how to encourage each other and bring a smile to each others' faces!  How am I going to handle her moving to Hong Kong to be with her man?!  I hope he knows how lucky he is to have her!  


I thought I would just do a little tribute to Tina to keep her remembering the good times here in the States, especially with Kiggster!  We will miss you YeeYee, we all will!!!  

Little Tina

So Tina had this purple t-shirt adorned with dots of puffy paint and the caption, "Drive Me Crazy!" that was her favorite.  Well, let's just say, it drove us all crazy because she always wanted to wear that shirt and even when my parents attempted to throw it away…she always found it and wore it again!  Then Tina decided to make Kiggster a similar Drive Me Crazy shirt last year, I'm sure you know I am excited about that! 

Tina Bday

What will we do without an essential part of our girls group?!

The Girls

What will I do?!  Who will now be there to push all my buttons and drive me up a wall?!  Who will I mess with and "borrow" all her cute clothes?!  I was such a horrible older sister growing up, I was a con artist!  When she would ask for us to trade stuff I would get her to give me her good stuff by telling her that my stuff was actually nicer so she would have to give me more of her stuff to trade for a little of mine…and she would do it!  I'm so horrible, but now who will I do that to anymore?!  Who will I have a girls night with now?!  How will we get to talk or hangout when we are in completely different time zones?!  

Tina & Kat

Oh and the good times we had teasing our little brother growing up and now look at him, all grown up.  The picture to the right may look like I'm the shortest of the bunch, but that is not an accurate representation of us!  Tina is wearing super high stilettos and I am not so we are technically the same height!

Jason Tina Kathy

What about Kiggster and her special bonding times with her Yee Yee?!  I don't even know how to process all this but I am happy for her nonetheless.  I know we can Skype and Facetime but it just won't be the same without her around all the time!  We love you and will miss you so much while you are in Hong Kong!

YeeYee & Kiggster


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