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At what point does a baby not qualify as a baby anymore?!  When she starts having her own opinion and whining for things?!  When she’s aware enough to tell where in the house Mommy or Daddy are?!  Or is it when they start walking around unassisted?!  Well, she’s got 2 of those 3 things down currently and very very soon she’ll be “toddling” around without us!  I guess that’s when she’ll become a toddler!

Boy did she get a lot of really nice gifts this past weekend.  A lot of which we really wanted to get her but didn’t have the funds to make those purchases so we waited.  Good things come to those who wait!  She got almost everything we’ve (ok, just me) been wanting for her.  She got a couple new PJ sets, some walker toys, a new bath toy, this fun shopping cart thing, and some other really fun looking toys.  I think my least favorite one was the scary doll, oh I mean it was the Little Mommy Sweet As Me doll but those dolls always remind me of Chuckie.  But apparently it was very well received by Kiggster because even while this doll was in the box, she went to hug and kiss it and when it was out of the box, there were definitely kisses for the doll!  I guess I have to be ok with the doll!  But this poor doll needs a wardrobe makeover ’cause she’s wearing crocs and some really farm girl-looking outfit.  Maybe if I can get sewing down, I’ll have to make her a new dress or something!

So this past Sunday, we went to Chloe’s 1st birthday party and we made her a little bow headband.  Poor Chloe swallowed her metal hair clip right before the party and had to be rushed to the ER.  Her mommy and daddy were so worried….good thing we didn’t make her a bow with a hair clip ’cause I think that’s the last time she’s wearing a hair clip for a long time!  So here’s my baby modeling  the hair bow for me…

You wanna know what she’s up to over there, huh?!  Well, that’s her in the DVD/CD/VHS corner pulling everything out from all the shelves that she can reach.  I can’t put them away fast enough for her to pull them back out again.  One time I tried to put them away as she was pulling them down and she just went faster!  So I decided that once a day clean up will have to be good enough ’cause she gets bored with them once they hit the floor.  She only likes them when they are still on the shelf and she hears them crashing onto the floor!

That’s her done with destruction and ready for something else!


What do you think of the lilac and greyish-silver combo of the bow? I used tulle on the bow and a silver fold-over elastic (FOE) for this headband.  It took a couple tries to make the bow from tulle because it was just an experiment.  I didn’t have a tutorial to go off of this time but I was inspired to make this one and went with my vision.  Next time I’ll feel more adventurous to add other embellishments to it now that I have an idea of how to make it!


Now she’s found the nail file to play with. The nail file that she won’t let me file her nails with.  I even bought an expensive electric one from Zoli that was supposedly really good and got great reviews….even that didn’t work! She just sticks out her index finger for a hot second just to tease me and then starts squirming around like a caterpillar in distress.  If she didn’t scratch me like crazy (nope doesn’t scratch herself) with those little talons, it wouldn’t be such a problem, but she does so it’s a huge problem!


I’m making a ribbon bow this week for another birthday party she was invited to.  Hope it turns out well because this one is harder and I had given up on it previously when I tried.  It’s not perfect so hopefully birthday girl will excuse its imperfections…it’s got “character,” right?!  Happy Wednesday…half way through the week!  YEAH!


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