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  1. There have been so many crazy moments, and potty training for us is still a work in progress.  I about died one day though while working at my computer my son says, "here you go, Mom" so instinctively hold out my hand (without looking)….let's just say. Big Mistake! Ah, the joys of parenthood. 🙂

    • OMG Becky, you poor thing! I’m not sure how i would have reacted if that was me…did you laugh, scream, jump or throw up…or worse, squeeze your hand shut as it landed in your palm?! =P

  2. My son is just starting to show interest in the potty so we'll see how it goes.  So far, he wants to sit on the potty after he has already done the deed.

  3. Teresa Thompson says:

    My son once decided he had to pee while walking thru the walmart parking lot. It wasnt funny at the time but is 20 years later.

  4. Amber Johnson says:

    We are not potty training little Harper yet but he hates to be wet and I think that will be a super good thing when we start! I am excited!

  5. Charlotte R says:

    I wish I had some stories to share, but we are not quite there yet. Well, I kind of enjoy not being there yet 🙂

  6. Kenda Wathen says:

    When my son then just over two came to me saying he needed to go potty, athough he had not really started potty training.  I said okay and took off his diaper.  He took two steps and pooped on the floor.  🙂

  7. I got tired of people mistaking my bald 2.5 year old twin girls for boys. So I decided to get their ears pierced even though I was originally adamant that I would wait until they were ten. They were recently potty trained, but we still traveled with a change of clothes. I sat my daughter, D, on my lap. Two ladies at the shop stood on either side and pierced both ears at the same time. It shocked D so much, she wet her pants and, of course, mine. After her sister's ears were done, without incident, we had to call it a day because even though I had a change of clothes for her, I didn't have a change for me.

  8. While I was at work the other night, Charlotte was dancing around diaperless and suddenly told Daddy, "Pee pee on the floor" as she peed on the floor! Good times!

  9. We're just getting started, but one thing that cracks me up is how he'll grab my husband's GameBoy and sit on his potty– just like daddy! LOL

  10. Baby is just 7 months old so we're doing EC with her, but it's too early for formal potty training.  Grandma gets a kick out of seeing her pee on the pot, though!

  11. I've tried elimination communication and my dh finds it amusing every time baby is on the potty.

  12. actually, i have one from this morning!! 😀 we have been potty learning with my son for a while now (he is 21 months old) & this morning he was running around diaperless & i heard him say 'poop!' & he brought me the bowl from his little diaper, which he had pooped in.. all by himself!! 🙂 i'm a proud momma!

  13. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    I have tried numerous times to submit the entry for the FB like of Snap-EZ Cloth Diapers and Training Pants.  I have gone to their FB page and liked them there.  I keep getting the error message.

  14. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    My next to the youngest daughter was so easy to potty train.  We bought her a potty chair and she loved it so much that she had to sit on it all the time.  She would take it to the living room and sit on her potty chair and watch TV.  She was very upset when we wouldn't let her sit on her potty chair to eat her meals.  Our problem was not getting her on the potty to go potty but getting her off the potty.

  15. My oldest once ran from me and promptly peed on a pile of clean clothes!

  16. My son ended up potty training my daughter. My mother was in town visiting, so we put the two kids in the same room so my mom could have somewhere to sleep. Every morning my oldest would get up to use the bathroom and encourage his sister to go too. By the end of the visit she was potty trained.

  17. We just started potty training, and it's not going well. My son is IN LOVE with his diaper. Every time we change his diaper, he sings "Diaper time! Diaper time!" and screams if his diaper is off too long. He also gives a loud and resounding "NO!" whenever we ask if he wants to use the potty.

  18. chelsea preston says:

    My 2 year old screaming potty potty potty at my youngest brothers graduation. The whole church turned and looked at us

  19. When we were potty training my daughter, my mom would call me at random times and for whatever reason dd always pooped in her pull-up when I was on the phone.  It was so frustrating.

  20. We put our son on his potty when he was 10 months old.  He used the potty the first time he tried it.  We couldn't believe he knew what to do.  He's been using the potty a few times a day since then.  He's starting to do the sign for potty when he has to go which is really cute.

  21. We haven't started yet!  I am sure we will have lots of stories when we do though!

  22. My daughter was pooping in the potty all the time for a month or so when she was 18 months old.  Then we were out of town two weekends in a row and she quit.  Now, she is pooping in her diaper, then when I change her she continuously tells me…..poopies go in the potty over and over because I tell her that everytime I change her. 

    *Tonight though, she said, Potty mama…so I took her in, she wouldn't sit, then peed on the floor in the living room 10 minutes later. *  We are going to really work on this over the next few weeks because obviously she is ready!

  23. was working w/my 16 month old, and had taken off her diaper and set her on the potty, no luck so I took her off…ran upstairs to grab something and when I came back down, she had left a lovely 'present' on the carpet and ran away as soon as I saw her…little stinker!  🙂

  24. Wendi Scharrer says:

    We were playing in the sand box one day while in potty training my daughter. She informed me she had to potty. I happened to be video taping and turned towards her to say ok lets go potty! She obviously had to go NOW! I have her on video with a terrible look on her face & something wet running down her leg! Priceless video for sure! Thank goodness it had no effect on our progress. Got to love the sprinkler! 🙂

  25. Nena Sinclair says:

    I like the StayDry Super Saver Starter Kit in CherryBlossom

  26. Nena Sinclair says:

    I like the Snap-EZ Velour Wipes. The price is very good, too. I'm going to buy some of these for my daughter to use on my baby granddaughter. Thanks for the info!

  27. Nena Sinclair says:

    My son was so stubborn about being toilet trained and at that time I was using Pull-ups and he hated them. One day, I went put his pull-up on and they were nowhere to be found. I thought that was strange because i just just bought a new package. I went looking and found the whole package in the garbage! Lol my son put them in there!

  28. The little girl that I babysit's parents decided to start potty training her before she was ready and we spent 2 years potty training!  It was awful!

  29. Jennifer B says:

    My son was having success with potty training (pee) until one time it bounced off his potty chair and hit him back.  He is scared of the potty now x.x

  30. The first time my niece did #2 she looked in the toilet and said, "Look mama, a mama one and a baby one!"  Anne Sweden

  31. It has been 9 yrs since I potty traind my son and my daughter is not quite there yet so I can't quite remember but I do know if you left him for even a second, all the toilet paper would be off the roll!

  32. When I was potty training my 6 YO son, the only way I could get him to poop in the potty was by getting him undressed from head to toe.  There would be times that he'd go in to poop, strip down naked, then run around the house afterwards.  He didn't care who was at the house.  So embarrassing.

  33. Our daughter is 10 months old and she is our first… so no fun potty training experiences yet!

  34. rebeka deleon says:

    my son ended up pooping on the floor in his room and ended up getting it all over the floor, walls and tv. yuck! potty training my daughter soon.

  35. Crystal Litz says:

    my daughter was diaperless less than 5 min while I was in the basement. I came upstairs to find she had pooped & put the poop in the garbage b/c it was "dirty dirty dirty"

  36. Raquel Beaty says:

    My son thought he could pee on anything and everything outside. I caught him peeing on car tires, the cat… and once he requested to pee on the neighbor. I was just glad he asked first!! 

  37. My little one isn't potty training yet, but seeing that she loves to be naked all the time (and pee in hidden places), it should be quite interesting!

  38. My son is currently starting potty training and he will ONLY pee in his little baby pool that is out on the deck.  So he goes out there totally naked and refuses to use the actual potty.  I'm hoping that the weather turns chilly so that we can "put the pool away for the winter" and he will actually start using the bathrooms INDOORS!

  39. sus vandil says:

    i think we will start in a year or so, but you never know when they start showing signs.

  40. i was getting my son ready for bed and i was just about to put his new diaper on.  he runs off and sees his dad peeing in the bathroom, so he turns around and peed all over his potty and the floor.  i still considered it a success, even though nothing really got IN the potty.

  41. We are working on this with my little one. If I let him run around naked he goes potty no problem. If he has underwear or a diaper on then he goes in his pants 🙁

  42. He won't yet go in the toilet, but he'll pee (thankful it's pee, not you know what) on the carpet and tell me. Sigh. Lol.

  43. Been potty training for about a month and it is so frustrating when she goes in hides in the closet to do her business instead of running into the bathroom to do it. She knows she has to go why not just go in the toilet.

  44. I haven't tried potty training my little one yet.  My friend is in the middle of it now, though, and she finds it very frustrating that her 3 year old boy gets so busy that he doesn't tell her when he needs to go.

  45. Beth O'Donnell says:

    I have yet to potty train! In about a year, I'll be starting tho!

  46. L was easy to potty train but M has been a little harder. He started on his own to want to sit on the potty, and he was using it once ot twice a day, but then after a couple weeks he lost interest. We are just now trying to start up again. we will see.

  47. We haven't yet started but our little guy loves being in just his diaper or naked so I am sure potty training will be interesting!

  48. My son was dancing around the kitchen today, so I asked if he needed to go potty. He said no, and not 2 minutes later peed all over the kitchen floor. Sigh.

  49. We have yet to start.. but my daughter is starting to show signs of readiness.. so ask again soon and I'm sure we'll have lots of stories for you!

  50. Frustrating: My son has been potty trained for 10 months. But he poops in his pants every day. He just doesn't get it. Sometimes I think I'll be sending him off to college with him still soiling his pants every day. 

  51. We haven't begun yet. But I would love to win these for when we start! 🙂

  52. For potty training- We just finally decided to let our son run around naked until he got the hang of using the toilet! thankfully we lived in an apartment where there was no carpet to be found!! we had one area rug in the living room- and there were a few puddles and other deposits on our floor- but My son eventually got the hang of it- the problem then came when he had underwear or anything on him- he had gotten so used to being naked that having anything on him confused him and he would pee in them- ha

  53. chelesa sims says:

    MY Daughter is 4 and still  gives me  hard time after she uses the bathroom when it comes to wiping herself.

  54. Hannah Avery says:

    Well, right now, my son does not have a good aim, and his pee kinda goes everywhere! He has also peed in his toybox!

  55. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    My baby is only 16 months so we have not begun potty training yet, however she like to put her baby dolls on a little doll potty and make "pooping" noises lol

  56. I learned that they have adult diapers at Snap-Ez. I would chose the Frost Blue colour for my baby boy.

  57. I would love to have the Sprout Change Booster Pack from the Willow Store.

  58. I will always remember the first time my daughter said she needed to use the potty.

  59. RoseMarie Pavlik says:

    When I potty trained my daughter, it was almost too easy and she was out of diapers by her first birthday. When I tried to help with potty training my nephew, it was not quite so easy. The first thing I did was go out and buy him a potty just like I had for my own daughter. Little did I know that the little plastic scoop looking part that I had previously assumed was packing material is actually VERY important when potty training a boy! I had to call the manufacturer and confess my blunder and beg for them to mail me a new piece while I scrubbed his "miss" off the floor and wall. I also learned the hard way that not every boy takes to the fruit loops in the potty for aiming as well as people would like to believe and you need to watch very closely when tryin that method to insure that you dont end up with a toddler with a rather icky bathroom break snack!! Yuck!!

  60. KD {Mom of 3 Dolls} says:

    My son wasn't day trained until he was over 3 yo and still at 6 yo will wet the bed but it's very rare now. Thank goodness. 

  61. Still pregnant so haven't even thought about potty training yet!  But I'd still love to win these and save them for a couple of years!

  62. I hated when she figured out how to take off her diaper but still wouldn't go on the pot. Way too many messes to clean up

  63. I would pick lavender if I won.

  64. My little guy loves to bring me his potty and show off his "monster poop". It's a little un-nerving to think of him spilling the whole mess on my poor carpet!

  65. One of the funniest potty training moments had to be taking my little girl to the drive-in theater for the first time. I know how those bathrooms are. Plus, they are SO far away! I put her potty in the back of the truck and I let her use it on the tailgate whenever she had to go! I even carried a plastic bag in case of poop.

  66. I have a toddler who refuses to potty train. We've tried 5 or 6 times and his attitude keeps getting in the way. I guess for now it's a waiting game.

  67. My second child potty trained herself.  While I was busy focusing on training her older sister, she was paying attention.  Then one day, she just took her diaper off and started using the potty on her own.  She never had 1 accident until 3 years later when our family went through some major schedule changes.

  68. We've been successful at daytime potty training. But my 2 oldest boys still have a difficult time at night. They are both heavy sleepers.

  69. Elizabeth Wisniewski says:

    Getting ready to potty train my 2.5 year old, and hoping it goes well with minimal frustrating memories 😉

  70. no potty training for us yet, but I wash someone had told me how messy blueberries were in diapers! yuck!

  71. I'd probably go with the lavender Sprout Change Training Pants

  72. I like that they make diapers for youths and adults I always thought it would be a smart idea but never saw them anywhere> This makes me very happy!

  73. We haven't started potty training yet but I enjoyed reading everyone else's funny tales! Sounds like it will be an interesting time, I'll definitely look up that 3 day process one poster mentioned!

  74. courtney hennagir says:

    how about the time my son used the kitty box? yeah,good times!

  75. my son will say potty and nothing happens…  when he is silent that is when he goes

  76. the day after a friend told us they were working on potty training their then 18 month old son my then 22 month old daughter would not let me put a diaper on her. peer pressure already. lol!

  77. Frustrating thing: My daughter pooping in the bathtub RIGHT after she told me "potty".

  78. Gearing up to start soon 🙂 It'll be our first time potty training so I have a feeling we're all in for an adventure!

  79. We have only just begun this potty training process, and we have a newborn, so we haven't really put too much effort into trying, just easing into it without pressure, but the most memorable moment was the first time our now 22 month old went in the potty.  I was cleaning up the kitchen, and she was watching her daddy trim the weeds out the window in the other room.  She came into the kitchen and said "poopy," and I told her to sit on the potty chair and went into the other room to find poop on the floor.  I cleaned it up and headed back to where she was as she was walking toward me saying "poopy" again, and sure enough, she finished the job in her potty chair!  There were lots of cheers!

  80. My daughter saw a friend's potty seat when she was 15 months old and asked "What dat?" then she promptly peed on the toilet and was obsessed with using the potty.  Until she wasn't.  It was on again off again until she trained at two and a half.  Not too many funny stories though.  

  81. We *JUST* started with potty training, but day 1 was funny. LO running around naked with his potty in the middle of the room. I knew he had to poop soon. He froze in place and looked at me. He ran to his potty and smacked it a few times, looking at me, and going "uhhhhh!!!!" Then he ran back to where he was and pooped on the floor.

  82. My son loves the elmo potty training movie, so we've had some great moments singing along to some of those songs.

  83. Jessie T-B says:

    I have not potty trained yet

  84. havent potty trained yet…

  85. I've started potty training my almost 2 year old.  He loves to tell me he needs to go and then sit on the potty.  Yesterday we were SO close to a success!  He had been on the potty for a few minutes when I was called away for not more than 20 seconds for something my oldest needed.  I returned to find the youngest standing next to the potty, and a mess on the floor 🙁  SO CLOSE!!!!

  86. My little ones always has to have a book just like daddy to go potty. Otherwise he won't go 🙂

  87. We did the 3day potty training method and loved it! The biggest frustration was teaching my son to aim, lol. Other than that, it went very well!

  88. I have not potty trained yet.

  89. Once, I went running through the house holding my sons butt cheeks together so he wouldn't poop on the floor.
    Needless to say, he didn't poop on the floor, but I got a handful of more than I bargained for that day :p
    Angela recently posted..In A NutshellMy Profile

  90. I had to sing this let's go potty song that I made up and do this silly dance as I took my son to the bathroom and than he had to have a fluffy bath mat under his feet. If you told him to go potty he'd say song? and someone better start singing the potty song! lol

  91. giveaway tools SUCKS!!!!!!  I have liked all the fb pages but it will NOT let me get all the entries!!! HIGHLY ANNOYING!!!!!!

    • Oh no, Debbie! So I see that you’ve liked all the pages except Snap-EZ. IS that the one you said you liked but isn’t showing you as having completed the entry? It does take a little bit longer to “verify” the entries through Giveaway Tools but I seem to have had better luck with GT than RC. I’m so sorry it’s not quite working out for you, let me know if it’s still not working out for you to gain that entry.

  92. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    My kids were late potty trainers so we had years of goofball stories.  I've learned to always carry an extra diaper on us cause you never know when there will be an emergency!

    • Jaclyn, that’s so true! Although I have to carry extra pants too…sometimes I think even for me ’cause she likes to sit on my and get me wet too!

  93. We haven't started potty training yet, but I have plenty of funny cloth diapering moments (especially when family and friends attempt to do it for the first time!)

  94. Anna Ellis says:

    I would love the red!

  95. When my daughter was first starting potty training, I would let her go buff. I ran to the kitchen to get her a drink and when I returned there was a puddle of urine on the floor. I had Kristin if she had peed and said told me, "Rusty peed on floor." blaming it on our miniature daschund…who often peed on the floor.

  96. Anna Ellis says:

    My son was an easy potty trainer, but he once kneeled down in Sears and peed… In the middle of the store.
    Now my daughter is next! Lol

    • If that happened to me, I probably would have been mortified for the sales attendent that had to attend to it but also been laughing at the same time! Good luck with your daughter!

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