Farm Animal Party

So the Christmas countdown continued over the weekend.  I can’t say it was completely successful since Honey’s project was due today and he had to work a lot on it over the weekend.  Friday morning was Day 2 of the countdown and in the morning, this is Honey and Kiggster looking to find out what was in store for us…


So we read in bible for Matthew and Luke’s account about the birth of Jesus!  It was great to read the story together and it isn’t one that I always read for my quiet times so it was a nice reminder of Jesus’ birth.  We actually had a couple other days (Days 3 and 4) but Honey was so focused on homework that we couldn’t get to doing them.  I think we’ll have double dose activities coming up instead to make up for them!

We did go to a birthday party this weekend…Kiggster’s first farm animal party!  We dressed her up as a little farm bunny…

Doesn’t she look so hoppin’ cute?!  She was even chompin’ on a carrot stick too!  Hehe, she was definitely playing the part well!  If you remember those bunny ears, she wore them in April for Easter.  Can you believe she has some hair now compared to then and she’s walking now and before she had just learned to sit up on her own?!

But I think the adults had more fun with the theme than the kids did.  The moms all wanted to take pictures on top of the hay bails and wear animal masks…

Kiggster was totally knocked out by the time we took the 2nd picture!

 Caitlyn and her bunny ears on my!
 Can you see Kiggster’s arms reaching up?!  She wanted to be carried right as the picture was snapped!
 It’s much harder than you think catching a good picture of all the kids looking at the camera!

Good thing one of those cameras caught a photo of Kiggster looking up.  She was distracted by the corn and pumpkins surrounding her!  It was a fun party for her.  She would follow all the bigger kids (she was the 2nd youngest there) and do the things they were doing.  The cutest moment was when one of the other kids knocked over the whole bucket of crayons and she squatted down and I thought she was going to try to eat them or do something destructive.  But instead she was grabbing handfuls of the crayons and slowly putting them back inside of the container!  Wow!  When did that start happening?!  It was super cute, her moment of being a good helper!


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