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I can't believe I even have a page just for places I've been featured in.  I feel so honored that I have had these interviews, features in magazines, and even the most recent, a TV segment!  This journey has been so much fun and I can't wait to uncover what will be next!  

Segment on WomenNow TV:

It was so much fun doing my very first TV segment with Ena and Sindia from WomenNow and I got to see first hand how all the filming takes place!  I had no idea that I would need to think about where a mic would go when wearing a dress…through the bottom and strung up to the neckline!  There were a lot of parts that got cut off in the segment but I can share them here.  The Salon Grafix products, I have been loving them.  I actually was having major frizz dilemma before receiving the products but after using it for just one week (I only received the products the week before the taping) and the texture and look of my hair felt different!  The product that I wish could have had more air time was the very last one, which was the Hicural Hiccup Relief.  OMG, it's my favorite!  It works, now that I've had it for awhile, I can tell you, it makes a huge difference being with and without it when you have hiccups!  It got cut out of the segment but I had mentioned that after inducing the hiccups, I grabbed my hiccup stick and within seconds, the hiccups were gone.  It's been deemed the miracle stick by me now!  I keep it in my purse all the time!  I once went through an interview with hiccups and boy could I have used this product!

ChatterBlock 2012 Fall Family Guide:


Chatterblock put out a special fall issue and Kangaroo Mama was featured in the guide!  Kangaroo Mama is on Page 19!  Check out the rest of the guide, tons of fall activities, crafts, recipes, and more being featured in this issue!

Chatterblock's Best Blogs In The Bay Area Feature: 

Kangaroo Mama was featured in Chatterblock's article, "Best Blogs In The Bay Area" and I was so excited to have been chosen out of more than 40+ submissions!

Blogger Spotlight at Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean:

Tash at Quirky Crafting Shmoogle Bean was sweet enough to do a Blogger Spotlight on Kangaroo Mama on her own blog!  I loved all the questions she asked, very unique and they really got me thinking!  So the very last question was if my life could be a theme song, which I would choose.  I shared a music video but I think a different video was shared in error (most likely me because I like to do everything in the wee hours of the night).  So I'd like to share the video that I meant for you all to hear:

Kangaroo Mama's Interview With Parsimonious Pash:

I have gotten to know Ashley from Parsimonious Pash and was so honored when she asked to do an interview with me!  I loved that she even kept the purple font that I used to type up my answers, so me!  Don't you love the photos that she used of Kiggster and Honey?!  They're totally cute!  You can check out the interview here!

Kangaroo Mama's Birth Story Was Featured:

Jeanette from It's Jeanette, in celebration of her daughter's 6th birthday, she wanted to reminisce on her birth story and also feature some other's birth stories also.  I may just share my full birth story also for Kiggster's birthday coming up but in the meantime, you can read a short version of Kangaroo Mama's birth story here!

Kangaroo Mama Was Featured Blogger On Saved By Grace:

This was Kangaroo Mama's very first interview and I was a featured blogger on Saved By Grace.  Thanks Christine for featuring me!  You can check out the feature here

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